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VoraciousFungi t1_ithphxt wrote

T-Series: Has always been super sus. Over 220m subscribers but their view count is really low.

Cocomelon: Has to really suck to have that many subscribers and views but your channel is labelled for kids so that must kill any ad-revenue.

Set India: Strange channel? They seem to upload full "TV" content but for free? Is production costs in India really so low that it works?


jay4792 t1_itib1ji wrote

Set India doesn't upload full episodes of ongoing popular shows, they are mostly old shows or first few episodes of shows with hundreds of episodes, most of their content is available to stream on their streaming service SonyLiv


gangaikondachola t1_itikfoo wrote

What? T series is the most viewed YouTube channel with 201 billion views…


VoraciousFungi t1_itj0xii wrote

They have a lot of videos. Per video though they don't get a whole lot. Within the last 24 hours they have uploaded around six videos.


LittleOneInANutshell t1_itja3y1 wrote

Yes because they own a huge catalog of songs starting 80s Bollywood, they are literally a music label like Sony music and the ilk. They have tons of artists on their payroll and own a ton of copyrights. Not all songs are going to be bangers. You guys just need to accept there are other countries in the world. God.


SteveBored t1_ititmt4 wrote

Cocomelon is on Netflix too so they are probably doing pretty well