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Kwetla t1_itl30eb wrote

Could you go for something less calorific and filling like Margherita? Or does it have to be that pizza?


Tambury OP t1_itlflim wrote

Unfortunately it had to be the special of the restaurant.

For those playing at home: Tomato base, cheese, salami, bacon, parmesan and basil pesto


Soulfighter56 t1_itlhib8 wrote

Oof the salami + bacon makes that much more difficult. Not that eating a sq meter of pizza isn’t already ridiculous lol


wisconsinwookie78 t1_itln6w8 wrote

Unless I misread it, it's not a square meter. The pizza is 200mm wide and 250mm long increments. The competition was to eat four of these sections, which would have been a meter long total but still only 200mm wide.