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Craksy t1_iuo8wnw wrote

Whoa, don't do that to me! Now I just feel like a dick.

Honestly, I was just having myself a bit of a grumpy grandpa moment. Although that is my opinion, I wasn't being very nice, and I could have expressed myself differently.

Again, presentation doesn't have to mean pretty. To me it's just about attention to the actual data, more than what you can conclude or learn from it.

It's perfectly fine to have a message, but consider if there are clever ways to present your data to express it more clearly, or if you can combine different types of visualization to convey more information from the same data. Stuff like that.

...Or just make it fancy. That works for me too!

Anyway, don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong.


imnitwit OP t1_iuoty4n wrote

xD no you're not! you have the right to express what you want to see. I didn't do "that", I meant it. nowadays our lives in here are mostly about those messages. I might've felt a little too comfortable to use the sub as a platform to, kinda pay my due to the movement, "wherever you are, come a step forward" as they say. I'll do a fancier one next time ;)