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imnitwit OP t1_iuotf7n wrote

i know man. that's the whole point of what I'm saying, and this plot. that these must be highlighted (not only what the west wants to hear) and that it's not explicit to women.

and true, though I don't have an ideal eastern state in mind, I dare not to have a lazy answer. most of the people want what they see in Hollywood.


Smarterthanlastweek t1_iupnpz0 wrote

> most of the people want what they see in Hollywood.

Look at how here in the west they're teaching little kids IN SCHOOL that they can cut up their genitals and be the other gender. Look at the steep rise in fatherless families. Look at the porn problem and normalization of things like "Onlyfans" we have. Look at the rise in drug addiction. And decide if we're the example you want your emerging adults to be following.


imnitwit OP t1_iv13qz0 wrote

yes. those aren't my opinions. I mentioned what the majority of the people I see want.


Smarterthanlastweek t1_iv15vnl wrote

Then tell them to look up those things. I know there are many things not so good in islamic cultures, but don't make our mistakes.