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_DOA_ t1_iuw50w3 wrote

I’m really curious how many of these were bots, sock puppets, Russian trolls, etc.


685327592 t1_iuw8dkl wrote

Likely very few. The idea that bots are behind everything is overly optimistic. The reality is Americans truly are very divided.


_DOA_ t1_iuww3bi wrote

You made a couple huge leaps/assumptions to make this statement. "No one said bots are behind everything." Division in U.S. politics is real, and some number of bots/Russian trolls/sock puppets on Twitter is also real. One doesn't make the other impossible/untrue.


Stan_Golem t1_iuw8xza wrote

That's exactly what a bot would say /s

But seriously, wasn't it confirmed that a lot of the "trump supporters" on social media were actually bots?


685327592 t1_iuw9gqx wrote

Do you have a citation for that? 74 million people voted for Trump so there's clearly a lot of legitimate supporters.


Kenilwort t1_iuwa6r2 wrote

I have no doubt that Trump has a huge amount of supporters. But bots are also very plausible and troll farms are a real thing. One would then have to prove how many bots were being used for this of course.


Tiabaja t1_iuwdr23 wrote

Why do you think they decided to vote for him? Media/social media persuasion works, especially with an army of bots and paid influencers.


685327592 t1_iuwe6bv wrote

Obviously some people were affected but my point is most of his supporters sincerely support him, they aren't just following some Twitter bot opinion.


Stan_Golem t1_iuwbluc wrote

My Google is acting up so I can't click any links and share them. But Google trump supporters bots and there are a lot of articles about it.


DrMobius0 t1_iuwax95 wrote

It's both, honestly. It takes a large operation to hijack the conversation so consistently, but once you get it going, well, you can see the results.


vineyardmike t1_iuw90wk wrote

What is the y axis? Percentage? Can see it goes up and down but if it's percentage then most of Twitter was Maga in 2020?


Cute-Invite7491 t1_iuwdk3q wrote

Likly amount of users that has trump or maga somewhere on their profile per 10000 people. At the peak 60 people per 10000 had trump or MAGA in their bio or type it frequently. Idk though just guessing.


Old_Gringo t1_iuw74uh wrote

I suppose the Twitter MAGAverse will grow again under Musk. Especially once Don the Con gets back on Twitter.


[deleted] t1_iuyngnk wrote



Maleficent_Rope_7844 t1_iv0bhoq wrote

>who ever screams the loudest has no real impact on the election.

Were you paying any attention in 2016?


Old_Gringo t1_iv0wl5o wrote

The influence of Twitter isn't Twitter. At least not directly. Journalists and media execs are all over Twitter. They then magnify what they see by covering it and amplifying Twitter BS through other media. That's why Trump was able to leverage his Twitter presence so effectively. Trump posts some dumbass tweet while taking a dump. Fox News and the rest of right wing media amplify it Other media start covering the dumpster fire. Aaaand there goes a whole news cycle. It's definitely about unemployed young people, regardless of political affiliation.


SeedyRedwood t1_iuwe3si wrote

Don’t get it twisted. They haven’t gone anywhere, they were just afraid of losing their jobs.


Sea-Signature90 t1_iuymfab wrote

Haha, what? I’m pretty sure it would be illegal to fire someone because of who they support. It’s just weird to keep someone’s campaign slogan in your bio when they are not running for office. Trump’s approval rating is about 41%, same as Biden’s, do you really think that corporations would fire 41% of their workers during one of the biggest labor shortages? You are weird, and are probably suffering from brain rot, I would have that looked at.


minecon1776 t1_iuwsxa6 wrote

But what about people who are anti Trump and put something bad about him in their bios?


Equal_Ad_9977 t1_iuytumh wrote

What is this “data” attempting to convey? The date Trump was kicked off Twitter?


PaxNova t1_iuxlb9o wrote

MAGA people love winners. When he lost, a lot of them jumped ship. It's partly why he never admitted he was wrong. It would have turned off a big part of his support.


chrisLivesInAlaska t1_iuzdosa wrote

Where's the chart for the Democrat's "Make America Less Great" movement on Twitter?