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Ldefeu t1_iv0ej6t wrote

This doesn't tell me how zoom makes money though


psitor t1_iv1fhda wrote

Yeah, if anything there's more detail on how Zoom spends money


Satanistreindeer t1_iv15yo7 wrote

It's an expensive product to license out. Webinar licenses cost thousands.


bcjh t1_iv1pfxv wrote

Set up a zoom call with me and I’ll tell ya’


[deleted] t1_iv1ku61 wrote



Adithatdude t1_iv1oohf wrote

As someone who works there and sells our product daily, you are so far off. Talking about two different companies.


Maakus t1_iv1ppy2 wrote

Care to correct them?


Drift_Life t1_iv1vkwg wrote

Perhaps they are mistaking Zoom and ZoomInfo, very different companies but I do think that Zoom is coming out with something for sales professionals


EVOSexyBeast t1_iv26ytw wrote

Can you please share how Zoom makes money?


Tsu_Dho_Namh t1_iv30rxb wrote

I am also curious.

They have no ads. And their paid plans are used by so few people. And streaming real-time audio-video is expensive.


EVOSexyBeast t1_iv324o9 wrote

Apparently they charge corporations and universities a good amount of money for their enterprise services.


Adithatdude t1_ivcexn6 wrote

Of course…Zoom is often mistaken as just a video meetings platform for consumers and businesses alike. Zoom is so much more, as it is a platform that has chat, phone, SMS, video, whiteboarding, digital signage, conference room solutions, webinars, API/SDK integrations, app marketplace, Zoom IQ (AI solution to analyze conversations), contact center and it also has an events platform. These products above vary in price; but let’s say a large enterprise customer within the S&P 500 buys 100,000 licenses of meetings and phone at $20 per user, 1,000 webinar licenses at $79 per user, and 250 Zoom Rooms… and mind you, this is billed monthly… that’s a lot of recurring revenue for the business. I’m by no means advocating for the stock or pushing anything; just giving a high level look at how revenue can be generated at Zoom.


TestAndLearn t1_iv0g0tl wrote

Paid subscription? I thought everyone who heard of zoom knows this much.


Ldefeu t1_iv0kv59 wrote

That is the vast majority I expect but this doesn't tell me if there are any other partnerships, integrators, people using APIs to build their own stuff, whatever. For basic paid subs, some sort of breakdown e.g. between b2b and b2c would be useful as well.

I guess my point is the data is fine but should really be called "how much money does zoom make"


hrrisn t1_iv0hesv wrote

I actually just learned it wasn’t free for HD video calls with more than 1 other person. The reason I was looking this up is because I wanted to see a comparison with Discord, which I’ve been using since ~2015. At a glance, Zoom seems like the inferior service. And their cheapest plan is 15$/mo to access features that you get for free on Discord.

I’ve been perplexed about Zoom’s rise to popularity over Discord during the pandemic. But I guess they marketed to businesses harder and faster, became the defacto meeting platform and now workers couldn’t be bothered to learn a new software, even if it would be cheaper and more efficient for companies.


DasDunXel t1_iv0kb1v wrote

Discord did absolutely zero marketing for business purposes. Most people in the industry looking never even heard of them.

Zoom had voip that made WFH easier and far cheaper when it came to businesses needing to find a better solution to Cisco. Zoom video for 1k+ people for big business announcements or major conferences.

Zoom only competition was Cisco and Microsoft Teams. And if your company is using Slack over Teams they ain't going to want to switch.

Krisp the audio thing discord has by default that many people don't even know about. They actually sell themselves as a separate app for businesses to deploy that pairs directly with Zoom.


tinySparkOf_Chaos t1_iv1734h wrote

Zoom did ONE thing amazingly well. It's was super easy to get people into a call. Click link in email --> be in zoom call. No fuss, no frills, No extra buttons or menus for Grandpa to accidently click and get lost in. More importantly no account needed.

Even starting a new call was easy. You could email the link to someone from in the call you were in. scheduling calls had a similar super easy UI

As for replacing other options, it wasn't just Discord, lots of other video conferencing software exists, and was in fact already being used for b2b (Cisco).

Have you ever tried to schedule video call event in discord with people who haven't used it before? I tried to host virtual Halloween parties etc in 2020. It worked but it was very clunky.

In order to have a specific guest list I had to create a new server. Then email out a server join code. People trying to join were forced to make a discord account if they didn't have one. And once in the server since people didn't know how to actually join the video call portion and how to turn on their video in the voice chat.

On the flip side I saw people trying to use zoom for a virtual conferences... Which was always a disaster because zoom doesn't have the tools for that. Meanwhile discord or something similar would have been perfect.


Shaallelujah t1_iv0kc1r wrote

Aren't the functionalities and usage purpose between Zoom and Discord different?

I mean correct me if I'm wrong but i don't see how you can compare Zoom and Discord. Zoom Vs. G-Meet or Msft Teams is much more understandable


Eldan985 t1_iv1etsm wrote

Sure, but even then, this graph doesn't tell you that. The title is wrong. This graph doesn't tell you how the money is made, it's how it's spent.