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Blaekhus t1_iv179kh wrote

Pretty sceptical of this data.

In Denmark I pay 120 DKK for 50gb a month. That's about 0.32 € per gb. (0,31 $)


WorldlinessInner5413 t1_iv1briq wrote

Canada I bet has to be up there. Not unheard of to be 200 dollars a month. The average bill here I’d say is about 80USD though. Some friends of mine rack up 300 dollar a month bills routinely. We only have two companies that own the whole shebang for internet and cell service really so we get screwed.


mmarollo t1_iv1s56a wrote

Canada is an extremely large country with a relatively small population. I agree the telecom companies are problematic, but Canada is going to be expensive to provision no matter what.


WorldlinessInner5413 t1_iv47z9v wrote

It is 100 percent a monopoly. Guessing you don’t live here. If you do you should educate yourself on how you’re being taken advantage of.


Funicularly t1_iv43vcm wrote

But most of the population is concentrated near the southern border.


blek-reddit t1_iv4u22n wrote

Netherlands: E25 for unlimited calls and Gbs


Atothed2311 t1_iv4yr9v wrote

I pay 0.2 dollars for a GB, in India.


BriHecato t1_iv50qgn wrote

Poland: 10€ for unlimited calls, text and 12GB package abo each (on all 4 phones at home), one can go much cheaper if using prepaid or use mobile internet solution only.