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idontrespectyou345 t1_ivegb5a wrote

If this is supposed to be animated or something its not working.


tonyk999 OP t1_ivf8h8b wrote

It’s not. As I mentioned in my top level comment, I am trying to find data for Starbucks so that I can make a viz that will show the spread of locations over time. Lots of data sets with loc, lat, long. None with opening date for each loc.


idontrespectyou345 t1_ivjhci6 wrote

I was confused because graphic's label mentions a time component which is not expressed in the graphic.


barrycarter t1_ivedy93 wrote

As notes, most maps like this look similar to population density maps. What might be REALLY interesting is to "divide" this map by population density or do something like "number of people served by a given zipcode", which should have some variations that don't look like a population heat map


tonyk999 OP t1_iveendt wrote

true, though my goal is more to share the spread of the locations over time.


bardmusic t1_ivii6hd wrote

what are the 3 digit zip codes? and why is the west coast so empty?


tonyk999 OP t1_ivir2qv wrote

The first 3 digits of all zip codes as a calc and put on the pages shelf in tableau. This reduces from 40,000 “pages” when animating to under 1000 so the animation doesn’t take too long. West coast is missing since I paused the animation to capture the still for this thread.


tonyk999 OP t1_iveb0zp wrote

I want to do something like this for Starbucks. Anyone know where I can get store data and store opening dates?

Location Data : US Zip Codes : [OC] Source: USPS Tool: Tableau

I put the LEFT(zipcode,3) on the pages shelf in Tableau to create an animation. This is just a still from the video.


barrycarter t1_ivedo9n wrote

Both Starbucks and would have a list of locations, but finding the opening dates would be tougher. Starbucks doubtless knows this information, but you might have to request is specifically, since they possibly don't think it's interesting enough to post publicly.


tonyk999 OP t1_iveeq4l wrote

yup, been trying all the open source and free trial sites like Kaggle and Snowflake, etc but not getting that store_open_date attribute