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jaunty411 t1_ivegz5l wrote

Did you take the one you interviewed one time for or the one you interviewed three times for?


MaximumEngineering8 t1_iveqvve wrote

My thought exactly. We do multiple rounds of interviews at my firm, and sometimes it feels like overkill and scares away good candidates.


Dapper_Work_6078 OP t1_ivfdrzo wrote

I did think three was excessive and it did put me off a bit but the salary and job prospects were better so I stuck with it


teslaistheshit t1_iveu5zy wrote

I've had this happen as well. I'm fine with a follow up interview but beyond that is exhausting with repetitive questions. I politely decline 3rd interviews.


coris15 t1_iveiqui wrote

Planning on applying for a better job in the future and these kinds of posts make me more and more worried.

Is it really that bad out there?


idontrespectyou345 t1_ivejc69 wrote

Worse. You notice most of these posts ultimately succeeded? Bit of a selection bias.

The problem is that a ton of job listings are outdated or targeted at a specific person. From the other side the spam-application approach floods them with a lot of just trash resumes that frankly aren't worth the time even formally rejecting, they just move on.


Dapper_Work_6078 OP t1_ivfg3rs wrote

No I think the massive rejection and ghosting was because I spent the first month or so applying for roles I wasn’t properly qualified for, although I didn’t realise it at the time


coris15 t1_ivejnd1 wrote

Ugh. Ive been doing everything I can to boost my resume. I'm still in college right now, and trying to gain certs/relevant knowledge in my field.

I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I get to it.


idontrespectyou345 t1_ivejzdn wrote

Yeah. Sadly you gotta play the game and amp it up with networking (yes I hate that too). Luckily lots of big companies have programs specifically for fast tracking recent grads.


coris15 t1_iveklzz wrote

Problem is that I had hopefully planned to move to Europe after my graduation, since I would be legally allowed to work in any EU country by then.

Its kind of hard to network with companies that are halfway across the world from you.


Former_Star1081 t1_ivep4om wrote

I am from Germany and wrote like 30 applications last year. I got an answer in all cases as far as I remember. We search ppl like crazy in Germany. We got like 2 million open jobs and just 1.3 million ppl searching for a job.


Luckaneer t1_ivf6l10 wrote

It might vary pretty heavily depending on your field and degree, but there is still a pretty solid job market. A ton of people I went to school with applied for less than 5 jobs and received an offer. I got pretty lucky and got an offer after my second application. I personally don't know anyone who had to apply to this many jobs

These were all US firms though, I have no idea about the situation anywhere in the EU


Dapper_Work_6078 OP t1_ivff9ft wrote

I wouldn’t be worried. A lot of the failures were from jobs I now realise I wasn’t properly qualified for. The process was one of discovery. I ended up accepting a job that was different to the initial roles I was applying for, which partly explains why I had so much rejection


adinfinitum225 t1_ivg6buw wrote

I've put in 50 ish applications over the past few months and no interviews. Math bachelor's and a data vis/analysis bootcamp but no experience


DoeCommaJohn t1_ivf2er6 wrote

Employers: there’s a worker shortage

Also most employers: ghost the people who do apply


Pikesmakker t1_ivf59ak wrote

getting rejected after more than one interviews sucks bad, glad you found something though


Dapper_Work_6078 OP t1_ivedmd1 wrote

Data source: Personal records kept using Google Sheets Visualisation tool used:


ThePiemaster t1_ivelbrx wrote

Someone please make a r/sankeysarebeautiful


Sr_Monkey888 t1_iwk78nk wrote

u/Dapper_Work_6078 Congrats! Inspirational post! I am considering the same career switch into FinTech Sales. a few burning questions in my head:

  1. How did you over the rejection that you don't have "Tech Sales" experience?
  2. What classes / BootCamp did you take to send the signal that you are serious about changing into TechSales, if any?
  3. what level are you starting? SDR? BDR? SMB AE? or ENT AE?
    My experience:
    - 3.5 years of I-banking (ECM/DCM)
    - 7 years of Crop Fin / FP&A experience at B2B SaaS
    - 2 years of Strategic Finance at Airbnb

Dapper_Work_6078 OP t1_iwlmcyx wrote

Thanks u/Sr_Monkey888

  1. I wasn’t asked this specifically, but is essence it was overcome by having experience with the product or the industry the product services. E.g The product is a financial data platform used by hedge fund managers, and I used to work for a hedge fund. I can’t stress enough how good LinkedIn was for finding sales jobs in a particular industry.

  2. I signed up for £20 Udemy course to learn Sales Force (a platform used by sales teams everywhere). It was fairly basic but gave me another thing to say to demonstrate my commitment to the transition to sales.

  3. I’m starting at SDR although from the sounds of your experience you could go in the level above that.

My final bits of advice would be:

  • keep revisiting your cv every few days, and asking different people to give feedback on it. It’ll gradually get better and better. Also ask your mates to see theirs to see the different formatting styles.
  • emphasise the persuasion/ soft selling in each of your roles
  • read or listen to sales books to get more insights into sales. There’s likely a lot that you don’t know you don’t know and it also gives you a basis to have great conversations with the interviewers. The three I read were: Way of the Wolf, Fanatical Prospecting, Sell or be Sold

Good luck! Stick at it. Based on your experience I’d expect you to be able to land a very well paid position if you find the right company where your experience is relevant.