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tahitithebob t1_iverece wrote

Most of it is from refined petroleum. Where does India is getting their oil?


RETAW57 t1_ives24e wrote

Mostly African and Middle East Oil traditionally.


refreshing_username t1_ives025 wrote

Fucking Russia*

(*I think.)

Edit: nope. Apparently Saudi Arabia is #1 and Fucking Russia #2.


tahitithebob t1_ivetik6 wrote

interesting, russia will probably get to #1 this year


Fantastic_Message_32 t1_ivetbxo wrote

Thank you but do you have imports (into India) information as well to gauge trade balance? Thank you once again 🙏


StijnOnline t1_ivfjrht wrote

Does the term import mean goods that stay in a country or does it also include goods that travel via a country?


Elenano98 t1_ivg1cnu wrote

I'd say the latter. The Netherlands most likely is first because of the big ports but I doubt they keep all the imported goods. Simply based on population size probably the larger countries in the end buy more Indian products


yelloworld1947 t1_ivhbnro wrote

Why is India refining petroleum for everyone? Is this why air quality is so terrible?


TacticalNuke002 t1_ivilfpk wrote

It obviously contributes but most of the air quality issues come from farmers burning crop stubble in the northern states instead of taking the time to do more useful things with it like converting into biofuel.


yelloworld1947 t1_iviuict wrote

Yes I suspect refining isn’t the major culprit, most of it is done in coastal India, so the pollutants disperse over the ocean.


Brzwolf t1_ivj0wrs wrote

If i had to guess, its because a refinery worker in india makes around 400 dollars a month... while a refinery worker in the Netherlands makes around 5500 dollars every month.


i_m_horni t1_ivjanps wrote

In India one meal costs 1-1.5 dollar. Can't say the same for Netherlands. For more info refer purchasing power parity of money.


Brzwolf t1_ivn0yf1 wrote

The local purchasing power of the Indian currency is irrelevant to oil company shipping oil to india to be refined.


sprinkles5000 t1_ivfcvfe wrote

says 20% of total exports to brazil and the same language for the US.


IkeRoberts t1_ivf4r3d wrote

Why use a Mercator projection? It is the projection that makes India, and its major customers, the smallest.


IMovedYourCheese t1_ivfyz7f wrote

The map isn't trying to make a point about any county's size, and it is the one most people recognize.


IkeRoberts t1_ivga780 wrote

But it does make a point about countries and oceans relative size. It is important when doing data visualization not to have your graphic make points you didn't intend, or points that are contrary to the one you intended.


BadBunnyYonaguni t1_ivfiqzd wrote

The Mercator projection is completely fine, people just use it in the incorrect ways. The map projection was designed for naval navigation, and it works perfectly as such a map. But since it’s so common, people started using it as a catch all map. I don’t really get why it matters if some countries are smaller? Does national pride get hurt? Just odd. I’m British Indian fwiw.


IkeRoberts t1_ivfoo23 wrote

If the map is about exports from India, then a projection that represents India accurately and centrally should be a priority.

For data visualization (for which r/dataisbeautiful is a showcase for best practices), it is good to spread out the informative material and minimize (or peripheralize) the unimportant. A projection that wastes half the space on parts of the globe that are not part of the story fails to do so.


ixaditya OP t1_ivfpubj wrote

Used tableau, I am not sure what else could i have used. If you know pls tell me what projection would be perfect.


IkeRoberts t1_ivfxf9i wrote

Which projections are best suited to communicating the information you want to communicate with this data visualization? It is worth being familiar with them so that you know which is most effective.


pacwess t1_ivfckeu wrote

I wonder what use the things exported to the US are. Or if the US is overpaying. I have noticed more US jobs being offloaded to India. We'll take your pearls and precious stones in return for jobs. 🤔


Louisvanderwright t1_ivflipu wrote

Yeah it's strange that the US is literally importing treasure from India.


L00pback t1_ivf4m8w wrote

I don’t see “IT Support/Contractors” on here.


refreshing_username t1_ivesfjo wrote

Looks to me like the West has some leverage over India to get them to slow their purchases of crude oil from Fucking Russia.

Edit: LOL. I'd love to get some insight on why this is being downvoted. What's their issue? Opposed to international diplomacy? Supporter of Russia? Don't like the word "fucking"? Or maybe it's a fucking Russian troll bot.


ComfortableCod t1_ivfkvjy wrote

Because the West has been using the economic card for long time, abusing nations and continents like Africa. You can’t use this card on India. India is not a small fish


app4that t1_ivf3tow wrote

My thoughts exactly. India has increased their purchases of Russian oil by over 500%, which as a percentage (but not overall) is greater than any other of Russia’s trading partners

India wild scream if it was at war with Pakistan and the west was trading with them, effectively finding their war efforts against a india but has no problem backing Russia because of historical friendliness going back to partition and the Soviet era.

This may not matter to some but India was the leader of the Non-Aligned Movement and pushed other nations to not become willing pawns or satellites of the superpowers.

Looks like India has forgotten its position as an erstwhile mora leader among nations and will now pay Putin to kill Ukraine as long as they can make some profit.

Modi has Ukrainian blood on his hands. Karma will come and find India’s leaders and the voters who back fascism.


BruhBorne69 t1_ivf6g5x wrote

> India wild scream if it was at war with Pakistan and the west was trading with them

India would be against that but not surprised. India has been at war with Pakistan about 4 times but the west is yet to stop trading with Pakistan, US even keeps arming them from time to time. Profit over morals ig that's how it works with everyone.

> This may not matter to some but India was the leader of the Non-Aligned Movement and pushed other nations to not become willing pawns or satellites of the superpowers.

Non alignment is exactly what India is doing right now, they are not siding with anyone in the conflict to come out of it with as less harm as possible.


DeKalbGardener t1_ivf6wee wrote

India may be "non-aligned," lol, but Modi is 100% aligned with the global fascist movement and has been for years. Ian Bremmer wrote a whole song about it.


arthe6351 t1_ivflxjp wrote

Why are the Europeans paying Putin to kill Ukrainians too then?

Also the West did trade quite a bit with Pakistan while India was at war with them. Sold them arms, and subsidized their war effort too, tf are you on about lmao?


Ok_Side2575 t1_ivgc40c wrote

International diplomacy doesn't work like that.. it still haunt me how after having mess almost on enitere middle east and Afghanistan west can stand on moral high ground on any fuckin conflict.. reality lies that west perception of heroes are what to whom they support..

Kinda like how Mujahideen were the ones that were defender of Afghanistan against Soviets and became taliban (a facist religious organization) that need to be destroyed..

Like how the Emirates qatar oman Bahrain have authoritarian rule but it's good..

Like how the Saudi which funded Wahabism for like decade weren't the bad guys at all but gadaffi and sadamm definitely deserved death..

What's happening in Ukraine have different perspective from different aspects.. was war preventable to not go to death of the last ukrianian yup ...


LostHopeButSearching t1_ivjgp3z wrote

Didn't Ukraine Racially abuse Indians who wanted to leave Ukraine when the war started?


royalblue1982 t1_iverh0w wrote

So, India buys 'cheap' oil from Russia and then sells on refined petroleum to the West?

Edit - Not sure why i'm getting downvoted, I phrased my comment as a question - I was asking?

It would seem to me to be a bit of a loophole in sanctions if we're not buying oil from Russia, but we are buying the petroleum refined by India, using oil brought from Russia. If that's not the case then good.


Ok_Side2575 t1_ivgb2h5 wrote

India's refining sector wasn't built on Ukraine war


garlicluv t1_ivjdhff wrote

>So, India buys 'cheap' oil from Russia and then sells on refined petroleum to the West?

Yes, and its hilarious.


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_ivepo9v wrote

And yet half a third of their women are illiterate and most people live in abject poverty...

They've got the money to fix that stuff, their government just doesn't give two fucks about their own citizens


RETAW57 t1_iveqq5u wrote

India has a 70% literacy rate among females.

Still could do better, but the least you could do as an "enlightened person" is to keep to the facts...

Fact is most countries go through that transition. Rural India still lags, but much like China transitioned, so will India as it urbanises.

Edit: Also India's population below the poverty line is around ~20%, not most people..


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_ivertyz wrote

> Also India's population below the poverty line is 16%, not most people..

Because they haven't updated the poverty line in almost 20 years...

If you use the adjusted global level 60% are in poverty...

>She is part of a faceless, often-cited statistic: About 60% of India's nearly 1.3 billion people live on less than $3.10 a day, the World Bank's median poverty line. And 21%, or more than 250 million people, survive on less than $2 a day.

Do you think $2 a day goes as far in 2022 as it did in 2004?

Because by using Modi's numbers that's what you're saying....


RETAW57 t1_ivesjt5 wrote

Each of the three countries ravaged by colonialism in South Asia have virtually similar issues on this

They're all recovering economies. As manufacturing grows, these things will change.

That said the 60% is a shit take. All 3 are still heavily agrarian societies, so the dollar poverty line is misleading which CNN blatantly bypasses. PPP is also a thing.

$3.10 in India is worth close to 10 times more on PPP. -,in%20price%20levels%20between%20countries.


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_iveszg5 wrote

What does that have to do with India not raising their internal poverty line for 20 years?

Like, I don't see how that's anyone's fault except the Indian government.

60% are still under the global poverty line regardless of how much India lies to their own citizens....

At this point I don't think this is going to be productive tho. Because the only Indians that can afford the internet aren't in that 60%, and they seem really motivated to tell the rest of the world it's not a problem...

Probably because they directly benefit from that wealth disparity


Also weird how 90% of the time I block one of those accounts, I immediately get a reply from a different account that normally never posts outside of a niche sub...

Like, if it didn't happen so often, I'd think it was coincidence.


bennymba t1_ivetag4 wrote

Like OP said, you ignore PPP completely. The concept of a global poverty line is fundamentally flawed.


NotMadeForReddit t1_ivfgils wrote

60% are below poverty line, have you ever heard of GDP PPP, if you haven’t then you’re stupid to even discuss this topic.

>60% are still under poverty line regardless of how much India lies,

well you can continue live in your bubble of thinking that “India is a dirt poor country and I know everything about India.”

About the part of you blocking the person who replies with sources to you when you just talk out of your ass it just reinforces the statement of you living in your own bubble and continuing to ignore anything that opposes your ideas.


Ok_Side2575 t1_ivgatlb wrote

I argue to look at the international multi dimensional poverty index


LostHopeButSearching t1_ivjegfo wrote

Dude.... are you trying to be racist and ignorant?


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_ivjnaii wrote

Pretty obvious my issues are with India's government and I think the majority of their citizens deserve more...