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earthlymonarch OP t1_ivk7hvy wrote

Data explicitly says per capita, not per household. But it is considering all food waste in the household context (vs. retail, production, transport etc.)


AfricanNorwegian t1_ivk9krq wrote

> Annual household wastage (kg/capita)

The per capita here is per household, not per person.


isaacwoods_ t1_ivkekgj wrote

I read it as meaning food waste in the household, as opposed to commercial waste (so still regular per capita, otherwise you’d just write kg/household surely?)


ASuarezMascareno t1_ivkgfpq wrote

My first interpretation is that its household waste normalized per capita (so if a household is 4 people, the per household would be 4 times higher).


AfricanNorwegian t1_ivkh0t4 wrote

Then surely it would say normalised


ASuarezMascareno t1_ivkhyxl wrote

That's what per capita means. Otherwise would say kg/household.


AfricanNorwegian t1_ivko1x7 wrote

Then why mention the household at all if it is just per person.

That’s like me saying “household income per capita” and then saying “no it’s not average household income it’s income per person”. If that were the case I should just say “income per capita”


ASuarezMascareno t1_ivkt2jw wrote

Because it is household waste only. Food wasted in other placed (restaurant, supermarket, industry) is not accounted for.