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delicatearchcouple t1_ivxizml wrote

Only so that we can point out why the world is ending to literally every person we meet.


rhbghfhffb t1_ivynlng wrote

Americans are always trying to find something to worry about


Ayrnas t1_iw0527o wrote

Says the people always complaining about Americans.


rhbghfhffb t1_iw057nf wrote

I mean your not wrong but it’s true I mean I Am a American


giletumar t1_iw113cy wrote

I think that's a human thing, we have a negativity bias that makes us focus on the scary things


sea_of_gems t1_iw0pfxd wrote

How are you any different from the crazies who hold signs saying repent, the end is near? Whether you use science or religion as the base you are both still wrong. The world is not going to end anytime soon, as in millions of years soon.

Chill the fuck out.


delicatearchcouple t1_iw11gab wrote

Um... I think we were making the same point?

I was saying Americans only pay attention to science in order to carry out the self flagellation and chicken little dance about the world ending...

So who needs to chill the fuck out?


sea_of_gems t1_iw176o3 wrote

Sadly without an /s there is no way to tell you were joking because too many people love to proclaim the end is near based on science. But nice try at a save!


delicatearchcouple t1_iw2f08j wrote

The context of "literally everyone we meet" should be enough to tell the tone. That phrasing is deliberate and conveys exhaustion.

If I was pro-chicken littleing, I wouldn't phrase the comment using "literally" or the third person plural "we"


sea_of_gems t1_iw4kdm2 wrote

I will admit I was wrong giving the cues present in the way your statement was worded. I was quick to strike against an idea seen too often on this forum as sincere belief. My bad.


TransposingJons t1_ivxxl8t wrote

A lot of those surveyed are Q-tards and MAGA-morons thinking their InstaFace feed is science.


scottevil110 t1_ivxpf52 wrote

Eh, I don't trust this. This is going to be pretty much entirely because a lot of people consider anything related to COVID to be "science", no matter what it is. The crackpot who is injecting bleach is going to say they heard about that from "science". The person who heard about the latest variant is going to say they heard some science news.

It's not like people are suddenly more interested in meteorology or physics.


ProLibertateCH t1_ivyuxp0 wrote

Crackpot … bleach 🙄

So you are one of the clowns who actually believe that idiotic media lie 🤡😂

Anyone with half a brain could tell immediately that it was BS!

Trump never said « bleach ». He referred to a new technology developed by Aytu Biopharma - the same day, YouTube deleted all their videos in which they explained their technology, so people could not find out that the journalists lied. A real dick move!

The treatment is currently undergoing clinical trials.


ADacome24 t1_ivyy5fh wrote

lmao, he did suggest injecting disinfectant, stfu


ProLibertateCH t1_iw2xehz wrote

Yes, based on the technology developed by Aytu Biopharma, an innovative technology! Zero connection with “bleach”. So STFU as you obviously fell for a BS lie! How dumb do you have to be to not fact-check the media?


ADacome24 t1_iw33eub wrote

light and disinfectant are two different things so how dumb are YOU


ProLibertateCH t1_iw4puud wrote

The LIGHT activates the DISINFECTANT that was INJECTED into the patient! You must have an IQ under 75 as you were unable to just read about the treatment 😡


scottevil110 t1_ivz4plz wrote

> Trump never said « bleach »

And I didn't say anything about Trump.


Xavbeat03 t1_ivzgvm9 wrote

That article was written by the CEO of Aytu Biopharma; it's also locked behind a paywall. Not sure why I should trust your source for any reason.


ProLibertateCH t1_ivzl313 wrote

The article is from the WALL STREET JOURNAL and was published just days after the media lies about the "bleach" comment.

The headline by itself is ENTIRELY sufficient to expose the fraud:

An Experimental Ultraviolet Light Treatment for Covid-19 Takes Political Heat
Trump’s musings prompt social-media censorship of information about an experimental treatment.

By Josh Disbrow

April 27, 2020 12:45 pm ET

A frame from Aytu BioScience’s video about its potential Covid-19 treatment.


I ran an obscure pharmaceutical company until a few days ago. Then we got famous. Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, Aytu BioScience made a commitment to find ways to help. One of those ways came through our newly formed relationship with a prominent Los Angeles hospital.

On April 20 we put out a press release titled “Aytu BioScience Signs Exclusive Global License with Cedars-Sinai for Potential Coronavirus Treatment.” The treatment is called Healight, and it was developed by research physicians at the hospital’s Medically Associated Science and Technology Program. The technology, which has been in development since 2016, uses ultraviolet light as an antimicrobial and is a promising potential treatment for Covid-19.

The article confirms that this company was CENSORED by social media (not even just YouTube) because of Trump referring to them.

Their treatment involves injecting an antiviral liquid into the patient's body - which the media called "bleach". The liquid is inert until activated with UV light, which can be done locally with LED laps that are introduced into the body, e.g. the lungs.

You can look up all their research information on PubMed, which includes their trial data etc.

Once you know the name of the company and the treatment, you can look them up. Absolutely no need to "trust me" or even the Wall Street Journal.

The FACTS are clear. You were lied to. You believed the lies.

What do you think now about the journalists who made you believe that ridiculous lie about Trump?


ProLibertateCH t1_iw0ovny wrote

I knew that some people can't handle THE TRUTH, when it conflicts with their brainwashing!
2 idiots so far downvoting my post, although it is 100% accurate.
You would rather believe that Trump said people should "drink bleach" WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE than accept the EVIDENCE that he was well informed about an innovative, very promising anti-viral technology.

Mainstream and social media spread a lie to harm Trump and suppressed information about a medical company, hurting them in the process and potentially harming human progress on fighting viral infections.

The main goal of the media was to push anti-COVID "vaccines" (which turned out to not stop infection or transmission) and that required the suppression of any information about alternative treatments.


formerlyanonymous_ t1_ivxomso wrote

Quoting random COVID "science" studies counts as engagement, doesn't it?


ProLibertateCH t1_ivz3qv0 wrote

You mean ACCURATE studies published in major journals that showed problems with the “vaccines”? Are you that far behind?


formerlyanonymous_ t1_ivz5dvm wrote

I'm all encompassing. Feel like lots of people engaged in LOTS of scientific papers, both of high and dubious quality.


cazique t1_ivzwozg wrote

If you read the article and the questions asked on the underlying survey (linked within the article), there is no differentiation. It's more about topics that concern the respondent.


ProLibertateCH t1_iw0ok7j wrote

I was asking formerlyanonymous_ about his dumb comment. What he's saying is:
"if people quote scientific studies on a topic I have been thoroughly brainwashed about, then those studies don't count as 'science'".


Expandexplorelive t1_iw5dl05 wrote

The numerous studies that showed the vaccines were effective against severe illness are all fake, right?


Ineludible_Ruin t1_ivxy1g5 wrote

Unfortunately "science" news is incredibly unreliable these days due to all the half assed studies or just plain bad ones that get published and taken for fact. Not to mention how politics has infected what were once reputable publishers. This makes it very difficult for normal people to figure out what's good, credible science, and what isn't.


[deleted] t1_ivxxazm wrote

Most science news in the media is total garbage. They will just take a new study and either massively exaggerate its meaning to get more engagement or else intentionally misinterpret it to support their politics. Even when it seems like they do have good intentions the writers know so little about the subject that they will get badic things wrong like units of measure.


HolisticHombre t1_ivxp6tj wrote

The fact that these numbers are considered encouraging is in itself discouraging.


Clemenx00 t1_ivytdkj wrote

Given how science news headlines work this is probably a bad thing lol


cazique t1_ivzohw0 wrote

I wonder how that would change if you omitted Covid-19 related engagement. I bet Americans were more engaged with Central Asia in 2002 than they were in 1999.


soofarsoobad t1_ivzscoq wrote

Several independent randomized controlled studies show that most surveys are a load of trash


Aomentec t1_iw0hd0v wrote

They probably mix in "NFT Metaverse Crypto Blockchain" stuff as being science news.


StormExpress1040 t1_iw0tk39 wrote

Something good to see compared to my home country India where more than that % people spend time talking about astrology and superstition.


PatriotBro_55 t1_iw0y6px wrote

I'd hope so. Half of this country was stupid enough to believe a vaccine could actually prevent you from contracting and spreading the virus. 🙄


[deleted] t1_iw1uml2 wrote

...what do you think vaccines are for? Who let you out of your looney bin?

edit: these are genuine inquiries, because you're a crazy person


PatriotBro_55 t1_iw2zj6c wrote

Vaccines give you the ability to fight the disease thereby eliminating or minimizing your symptoms but you do still actually contract it. They DO NOT prevent you from actually contracting a disease or spreading it as a healthy carrier. In 200 years of human beings inoculating themselves in some form or another that has NEVER been how vaccines work. Both my father and I tested positive for Covid months after we were vaccinated and remember Colin Powell? He died from covid complications after receiving the vaccine.

You're exactly the type of scientifically ignorant fool the "medical" establishment took advantage of to trick into taking the vaccine.