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delicatearchcouple t1_ivxizml wrote

Only so that we can point out why the world is ending to literally every person we meet.


rhbghfhffb t1_ivynlng wrote

Americans are always trying to find something to worry about


Ayrnas t1_iw0527o wrote

Says the people always complaining about Americans.


rhbghfhffb t1_iw057nf wrote

I mean your not wrong but it’s true I mean I Am a American


giletumar t1_iw113cy wrote

I think that's a human thing, we have a negativity bias that makes us focus on the scary things


sea_of_gems t1_iw0pfxd wrote

How are you any different from the crazies who hold signs saying repent, the end is near? Whether you use science or religion as the base you are both still wrong. The world is not going to end anytime soon, as in millions of years soon.

Chill the fuck out.


delicatearchcouple t1_iw11gab wrote

Um... I think we were making the same point?

I was saying Americans only pay attention to science in order to carry out the self flagellation and chicken little dance about the world ending...

So who needs to chill the fuck out?


sea_of_gems t1_iw176o3 wrote

Sadly without an /s there is no way to tell you were joking because too many people love to proclaim the end is near based on science. But nice try at a save!


delicatearchcouple t1_iw2f08j wrote

The context of "literally everyone we meet" should be enough to tell the tone. That phrasing is deliberate and conveys exhaustion.

If I was pro-chicken littleing, I wouldn't phrase the comment using "literally" or the third person plural "we"


sea_of_gems t1_iw4kdm2 wrote

I will admit I was wrong giving the cues present in the way your statement was worded. I was quick to strike against an idea seen too often on this forum as sincere belief. My bad.


TransposingJons t1_ivxxl8t wrote

A lot of those surveyed are Q-tards and MAGA-morons thinking their InstaFace feed is science.