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Maguncia t1_ivzyn65 wrote

I mean, every time the price the buy real estate rises, fewer people can afford it - that's just a truism. Not sure what logical step is eluding you. Fewer people can move there, more people have to emigrate, more people have to rent instead of buy, more people have to live with their parents.


badchad65 t1_iw09ke0 wrote

If I don't pay my mortgage, my home gets foreclosed. If a tenant doesn't pay rent, they're evicted. How can someone "not afford" their living expenses, yet simultaneously live there? As is the case with millions of people in Singapore?

Your point about real estate is spot on. As prices rise, fewer can afford it, so they leave. So according to this logic, if 5 million+ people live in an area...

Singapore's population is just now starting to decrease, so yes, so some people, it appears its becoming unaffordable.