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CultCrossPollination t1_ivzz0dd wrote

whats the median wage in NZ?

I am from the Netherlands and such a price would be dirt cheap, it's about halve of what we pay per sq meter at the cheapest areas.

Honestly, I think suicide is too serious to deduct it too such a single variable.


LouSanous t1_ivzzcf6 wrote

Poverty is widespread in NZ.

There was a time when I thought it would be the best country to move to, but the more I dig into it, the more I realized it's kind of a shitty country. It's beautiful, but you'll notice it always scores highly on "economic freedom" which is code for letting corporations run roughshod.


Scurouno t1_iw0ebbg wrote

I can say without a doubt that there is high wealth disparity in NZ (I have lived there at several points in my life). Public sector pays poorly relative to cost of living, and many private sector jobs pay below their equivalent overseas. It is absolutely necessary to be a dual income family, and many women are forced to have new partners they barely know move in with them, just to pay the bills. It puts women and children in extremely vulnerable positions. Also due to its small population and tight supply chain, wholesalers rake in massive profit margins. Once you include retail profit margins, you see prices up to 200% above other countries. Energy is also incredibly expensive, and you have to get used to being cold in the winter, or paying through the nose for electricity, as most houses have very poor (if any) insulation and winter temps do dip below 0C. One thing I noticed as a Canadian expat living there is how 'user pay' a society it is. There are very few truly 'free' events there, and most public fairs or gathers or festivals will have entry fees on top of paying for all activities. Its a beautiful place which can afford a variety of lifestyles and varied landscape, but it definitely comes at a high cost.


VALMaX1 t1_iw1bgwm wrote

I live in India and I dont think prices have gone much higher here....

Because most people rent here.