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bitcornwhalesupercuk t1_iw0boia wrote

Toronto is way worse . We are the biggest bubble in the real estate world


sfasdf2141 t1_iw27d0i wrote

Toronto doesn't even remotely compare to the most expensive housing markets in terms of affordability. 140 cities are less affordable in terms of years of salary to earn an income than Toronto.

>We are the biggest bubble in the real estate world

Not even close. Maybe get out of your bubble.


bitcornwhalesupercuk t1_iw498tk wrote

Sorry your wrong . I also don’t think you know I’m referring to a bubble not income to housing costs. Please read what I sent you.


sfasdf2141 t1_iw6l1cp wrote

UBS report is useless. Go look at the edition from 5 years ago and you'll see they are completely out of touch, with no predictive power.

Your own source shows that Toronto is cheaper than average for the # of years to own an apartment, while also having reasonable rent costs. Looks as though you didn't even read your own source? Or did you just eat their spoon-fed conclusion rather than do any critical thinking, because it's what you wanted to believe? Seems like it.

It's only Canadians who have never stepped outside their country that think Canadian real estate is some crazy anomaly. it's not.