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Doortofreeside t1_ivzeeuo wrote

The immediate jump after the declaration of war makes me think it's also that fathers were away from home at that time.


mehnimalism t1_ivzem2s wrote

Ah, you know what, you’re right. I’d say memorializing is the small trend after and absence is closer to 80% of cause.


poupadis t1_ivzmeim wrote

for sure.

similarly, people about to leave for war might want to leave a reminder for their child in case they died


Pretlik t1_iw22hqw wrote

I never thought about it that way. My grandfather was born after his father was send off to fight in WW2, so he never met his dad. But he does share a name with him. My great grandfather died fighting in the war and his son got to live on with the same name.