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thejdobs t1_iw0rl9p wrote

World War I started so lots of new borns were named in their father’s memory


Content_Flamingo_583 t1_iw1akzr wrote

But the first big deadly battle for France wasn’t until September (First Battle of the Marne). And this tend seems to start right at the outbreak of the war in July (as soon as the war was declared). So I don’t think this can be viewed as a response to casualties inflicted.


Thumperfootbig t1_iw1ca33 wrote

When men go to war they know the risks. Why are you even objecting to the idea of this being absolutely driven by people suddenly being faced with their mortality, and then changing their priorities and decisions accordingly?


fail_whale_fan_mail t1_iw1eot0 wrote

Damn, dude. Because it's a super clean shift and data is rarely that clean. It's possible it's related to the war, but it's very fair to question.

Also it looks like it's followed by only a very slight trend upward in subsequent months which is kind of weird. As casualties increase, and there's more passed family members to honor, why doesn't it continue increasing at a steeper slope?


fearatomato t1_iw1pg3x wrote

lol reddet "objecting to the idea" as if it makes you an enemy or something


riotousgrowlz t1_iw2my5e wrote

To your second point, there’s a limit to how many boys born in this period can be named after their fathers since many sons already have older brother named after their father.


Thumperfootbig t1_iw1fe7p wrote

It’s not casualties, it’s the fact that war is declared.


fail_whale_fan_mail t1_iw1gm4h wrote

If the underlying driver is thinking about mortality, it seems both the declaration of war and the death of loved ones would drive up the rate.

It's possible the declaration of war had this effect, but the pattern of the dots raise some red flags, which I would want to investigate further before supporting any interpretation.


PioneerSpecies t1_iw1ig8p wrote

“Are you female” lol what are you implying, that women can’t understand what an impending war would feel like?