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rebelshibe t1_iw1c9ot wrote

Yeah, I was curious if this dips down again into the 20s/30s and back up in the 40s?


Retrospectrenet t1_iw1ep9c wrote

It dips back down to baseline 9 months after August 1 1914 for fathers but stays elevated even past the end of the war for uncles.


fearatomato t1_iw1pzfw wrote

i suppose it drops after 9 months because the fathers would have to be the ones not immediately sent away, whereas uncles persists longer because the father could still be home


SurroundingAMeadow t1_iw2ao4r wrote

At first I read your comment as a dark joke about unfaithful wives having kids with their deployed husband's brother, but then I realized that it makes more sense that the men who weren't deployed were naming their sons after their brothers who were deployed or killed.

Reddit has jaded me into assuming the worst in commentators.