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GFL07 t1_iw23klb wrote

Yes but here the precision is important because the data is specifically on the "premier prénom".


Tokipudi t1_iw27o8g wrote

And my point is that, unless stated otherwise, "Prénom" means "Premier prénom".


Evepaul t1_iw2c6sw wrote

To quote OP, the author of the paper, in French:

"Entre 1905 et le 1er août 1914, mois après mois, semaine après semaine, 12% des garçons environ reçoivent en premier prénom le premier prénom de leur père. [...] Mais dès la semaine du 3 août 1914, après la déclaration de guerre et la mobilisation générale du 1er août 1914, le taux de transmission passe à 17 ou 18%."

The same thing said with "prénom" instead of "premier prénom" could just as well mean that boys would have their father's first name as a second name. Both are prénoms. Or even their father's second name as a second name. Or any combination of prénoms (I have my father's second name "Marie" as my third).


Tokipudi t1_iw3f5f7 wrote


The same thing said with "Prénom" would be interpreted as "Premier prénom" by default.

As I said, "Prénom" always means "Premier prénom" unless stated otherwise.


GFL07 t1_iw4mxlo wrote

No, your "prénom" is your "prénom usuel" witch can be chosen between any of your "prénoms". It's the "prénom" you use in everyday life et nothing force it to be your "premier prénom ". It usually is the "premier prénom" but a lot of people uses one of their other "prénom".


Tokipudi t1_iw4q8pd wrote

Technically right, but completely wrong when it comes to actual real life use.

I have never encountered a single French person who uses anything but their first name as their "Prénom usuel".

Once again, these terms are only use in an administrative way and are (almost) never used in any other context.


GFL07 t1_iw4ssth wrote

> I have never encountered a single French person who uses anything but their first name as their "Prénom usuel".

Most people who chooses to not use their first name as their "prénom usuel" wouldn't disclose to people their aren't close with that they don't use their first name.

You wouldn't know unless they told you their full name. Witch, let's be honest, rarely happens outside of administrative work.

It's totally possible that you encountered multiple peoples using a "prénom usuel" witch is not their first name without knowing it wasn't their first name.