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Milamber69reddit t1_iw3lqz6 wrote

Yes and no. The problem is that when the 2 people have the same name. many people will assume that they are the same people even if you can prove they are different. A bad reputation of the father moves directly over to the son if the son has the same name. It takes a very very long time for the son to overcome any bad that the father may have done if the son lives in the same area as the father. It kind of goes the other way if the son does something bad. But it is not nearly as hard for the father to overcome that. A fathers reputation for good or bad is always transferred to a son with the same name. But the bad sticks around much longer than the good. I have found that I need to live a great distance away from the location of my father for me to not have his information anywhere and any good or bad things he has done to not affect how people see me. I can now live my life without the baggage of another person who has the same name as me.