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Free_Dimension1459 t1_iy4lb7s wrote

Damn. Mexican men live almost as many times as cats I guess.

Pretty sure I’ll only die once myself… but who knows, if I do die almost 9 times, that might be interesting… and traumatizing

Joking aside, I know OP just missed two bits in their title, “at a rate” and “higher”

En español, dijiste los hombres mueren casi ocho veces más que las mujeres en vez de decir que la tasa de defunción es casi ocho veces más alta y me dio risa


bjb406 t1_iy4m88h wrote

Well, since all women die once, does that mean every Mexican man dies an average of 8 times? Brutal.


Free_Dimension1459 t1_iy53vyn wrote

Almost 9. 8 more is not the same as 8 times (any humor aside, this is part of why communication is a critical skill in an analyst’s skill set - showing the right data and meaning to present the right conclusions doesn’t mean anything if the reader cannot interpret it properly)


SaintUlvemann t1_iy6h3kr wrote

I think the implication is actually that seven out of eight women are immortal.


Holykris18 t1_iy5n0sb wrote

Mexican here, this is true.

We are expendable, we are raised to protect and when a robbery occurs if you are a woman they steal you and three possible outcomes: just being robbed, being s*xually assaulted, getting kidnapped.

If you are a man, the robbers know you are a man, they take into account that you can defend yourself. That's why they go straight to k*ll you off. They only kidnap you if they know they can extort something out of you.

People without highschool education are from poor neighborhood, they are exposed to delinquents more frequently. They either work as cheap workforce, humble but honest, or they also become delinquents and therefore they get k*lled themselves.

It's sad that they get involved just because of the circumstances in which they were born.


folstar t1_iy4sy7n wrote

The 5th death is always the worst one. You think you'd be at peace with dying by that point, but turns out you aren't plus you're now almost out of lives.


Ready-Date-8615 t1_iy72obi wrote

The classic mid-lifes crisis


folstar t1_iy8gxzd wrote

Criminally underrated comment. In a better reddit this would be showered in awards.


OozeNAahz t1_iy5319w wrote

See a lot of gender reassignment surgeries in Mexico’s future!


Purplekeyboard t1_iy5xabk wrote

>In Mexico men die almost 8 more times than women.

There are two possibilities here. One, Mexican men die eight times, while Mexican women only die once. Which is nice for the men, being resurrected like that all the time.

Two, Mexican men's death rate is 8 times what it is for women. Assuming the average Mexican woman lives to be 80, I believe this means the average life expectancy for Mexican men is 10 years old. This must be rough for women, having to choose between marrying a boy who is under the age of 10, or marrying a corpse.


scheav t1_iy6votg wrote

Most men die at age 9, and a few live to be 99 and have lots of children.


pelliesbruv t1_iy60sno wrote

Wait … what if we introduce Mexican women to Chinese men?


abundantwaters t1_iy631ht wrote

That’s a thing, a few million Mexicans have Chinese ancestry. It’s usually Chinese men getting with Mexican women.


Consistent-Street458 t1_iy6wkmn wrote

Currently, Mexico is the ultimate argument that the Death Penalty prevents crime. If killing criminals stopped crime, Mexico would be crime free


Friendly_Crow99 t1_iy8zuek wrote

Mexico has no death penalty. And i have to say, the wording of your comment is as confusing as OP's title.


Consistent-Street458 t1_iybnm4t wrote

In the end there is no difference from a criminal being killed by state vs one killed by other criminals. In the end it's one less criminal in the country


rofopp t1_iy65dfe wrote

Hmm, pretty sure the mortality rate is 100 per cent for both hombres and senoritas


[deleted] t1_iy53f1z wrote



HanMaBoogie t1_iy54y2d wrote

You are dumb and your opinions are dumb. Also, your communication skills are atrocious.