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geek66 t1_iw932kd wrote

So .. here is my protip... Buy one share of UP and you get a wall calendar of great train pics - every year.


giteam OP t1_iw7kust wrote

The biggest freight railroad operator is BNSF, privately owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway. Union Pacific is the 2nd largest and forms a duopoly market with BNSF. Quite possibly, what we eat and use daily is transported by BNSF or Union Pacific.


Union Pacific

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JustaOrdinaryDemiGod t1_iw7lta5 wrote

Is that the same railroad that is on the verge of a striking union due to working conditions and wages?


koolaideprived t1_iw9xrqc wrote

Both of them, and more. All class 1 railroads operate with members of the same unions. Right now the members of smart and the blet are voting on whether or not to accept the contract. It's mainly a threaten to strike over access to reasonable time off for things like doctors appointments. I just had to cancel a doctor's appointment that was scheduled 2 months ago because it would have taken toonmany of my "points" to make it. Wages aren't the sticking point for our union.

Source: I am a SMART member and just voted the other day.


acidx0013 t1_iw8yer8 wrote

Considering basically all their income is from freight maybe this is more how they spend their money? Love how wages are less than profits, great plan.


stueylikesit t1_iw99k1l wrote

What's a good company's wage to profit ratio?


acidx0013 t1_iw99vki wrote

I guess it depends on if you own the company or work for the company.


stueylikesit t1_iw9a8us wrote

Let's say we work for the company


acidx0013 t1_iw9d83w wrote

Then I imagine you would want them to hit the equilibrium point of paying you just enough to keep from bankrupting the company and allowing for expansion and taking care of any debt service. But you would want that number to be as high as possible. If you owned the company I imagine that the same is true but with that number being as low as possible. Or at least that seems to be the mode. What do I know.


power2know t1_iw9rbe1 wrote

I love reading these graphs, very pleasing to look at. Thanks


SaltedGreenMilk1987 t1_iwb82qd wrote

Is Union company the same company from 19th century? How have the groundworks and technology changed?


idahopopcorn t1_iwaghsg wrote

2 billion dollars of fuel! That’s a lot of diesel!


Dick-Star33463 t1_iwcnf05 wrote

What is this type of visual called? Can I make it in power bi?