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ben_db t1_iw8kfg7 wrote

> which was 7% of the weight that was advertised

That's way more than I expected


_mynd t1_iw8tq4f wrote

Sounds about right. Noticed this one of my first trips to SAMs Club. Got a huge package of boneless skinless breasts, came home to separate into freezer bags, and used a kitchen scale to split up evenly. Think there was a good pound, iirc, of water in the package (diaper).


LunDeus t1_iwamu9q wrote

Yet another reason costco is superior. No diaper.


Blueskys643 t1_iwaoln9 wrote

Costco uses diapers in their cut meat likes steaks and roasts. The chicken is prepackaged. Also its still the same amount of water in the package and one of those diapers dry weighs next to nothing.