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ghostoutlaw t1_iw90gli wrote

Did I read a headline recently that said chicken producers were injecting water into the chicken parts to inflate their weight and get them to sell for more?


notwalkinghere t1_iw92602 wrote

There's a lot of chicken on the shelves with added brine (salt water) to make it plump/add weight.


ghostoutlaw t1_iw92txc wrote

Is there any other benefit here aside from weight? Sanitation, longevity, anything?


notwalkinghere t1_iw978g9 wrote

The USDA says that the practice "add(s) flavor and moisture" and "The solutions are required by regulations and policies to be identified as part of the product names of the enhanced products" but you can be sure that the labels are made to be busy to obscure that solution has been added.


ghostoutlaw t1_iw97k8e wrote

Kinda almost makes sense.

Does this affect Costco boneless skinless chicken breast?

It shouldn’t but I wouldn’t doubt it.


adamh789 t1_iwa2t8x wrote

As someone who works in the costco meat department, I honestly don't know the answer to your question BUT for what it's worth, costco raises their own chicken and ever since the shortages on meat started, we've had to bring in chicken from other suppliers just to keep up with demand.

Costco chicken breasts has 9 vacuum sealed packages in a single box whereas the other brand just has a bunch of chicken breasts in a bag in a box. We have to put this chicken in styrofoam trays and wrap it and whenever we do, it really grosses me out how there's dozens of breasts just sitting in the big bag of chicken brine. And even after letting it drain out, the trays will still get full of chicken brine and leak all over the place after sitting for a few hours. I genuinely don't understand how that much fluid can sit in just a few chicken breasts but always buy Kirkland brand whenever you can.

When it comes to meats, costco brand is gona be the best quality for the best price


ghostoutlaw t1_iwada13 wrote

I buy the ones that come in 6 vacuum packed bags of ~2 breasts. Not sure if this changes your answer. No styrofoam anywhere.


Niro5 t1_iwa2zzg wrote

Costco sells air-chilled chicken, which has the lowest moisture content.


halibfrisk t1_iwa4onl wrote

I’m curious which Costco chicken products are air chilled? The 6 portion packages from the chest coolers seem to contain a lot of liquid.


Viend t1_iwfhhwj wrote

They'll say "Air Chilled" in a very clear label if they are, and they'll be more expensive than the regular stuff.


dreaming-in-colour OP t1_iw94f1a wrote

Brine for flavor? And I suspect its maybe a preservative


ghostoutlaw t1_iw952vj wrote

Prolly how they get away with it so they don’t get called for literally holding their finger on the scale as we pay for it


EVEngineer t1_iw97xll wrote

Yes actually. The cooling process after butchering either takes place in air or water, and is much faster and cheaper in water.

Where I live we can buy more expenses air chilled chicken.


Burnrate t1_iwbtphq wrote

They do, and there is a legal limit for it as well so it's a legalized kind of crime, just like bribing politicians