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Cogniscience OP t1_iw9r2l2 wrote

I know you guys are thinking it's obvious that if you increase the budget, you will most likely see higher returns. I agree. I just found it interesting how direct the relationship happened to be for the John Wick series and wanted to graph it.

My expert (and foolproof) analysis for John Wick 5: Budget 320 million, Gross 1.376 billion


Data source: John Wick 1, John Wick 2, John Wick 3

Tools used: Canva


bjanas t1_iw9toog wrote

See, I don't think that that is something to be assumed; I'm sure plenty of films that throw more cash at their sequels didn't see a proportional increase?


Cogniscience OP t1_iw9vyy2 wrote

Oh I know, I'm just messing around. After a while, studios start to get diminishing returns.

Also, my graph does not include marketing costs which can sometimes be larger than the budget and has a greater impact on how well the movie does at the box office.


perchero t1_iwabhpp wrote

My rule of thumb is marketing costs = film budget


jacktheshaft t1_iwaczev wrote

That's something that gets me is marketing is literally the single largest input into making a film


g_spaitz t1_iwb1pt1 wrote

What then pisses me off is that I'm a sound guy and when I ask more the answer is always there's no budget.


bjanas t1_iw9w6wc wrote

True true.

Don't get me wrong, I know this is a fun post. I'm not here to be a "well akshually" guy.


Wdrussell1 t1_iwaju76 wrote

Well thats not 100% true though. I think the big deal here is that John Wick was just so well done as an action movie and the story was interesting. They almost sell the idea that Keanu as John really is 'The Boogey Man'. The other side of the coin is that the increase from movie 1 to movie 2 in returns was mostly people wanting more of the story. They also did do pretty well at marketing it. So the budget has at least something to do with it.

Movie 3 for sure though was something people wanted. They wanted the continuation of the fight and breaking of the rules in the Continental.

So for sure in this instance (and I am sure in most movies that do numbers like the JW series) it think the increase in profits stems more from the success of the writing, acting and flow of the movie. Not really the budget. I would guess the budget of JW2 and JW3 are stemming more from the fact that they involved so many more people with large names into the movies and possibly a bit related to the effects. But thats a bigger breakdown that we likely don't have good data for.


jbautista13 t1_iwatg1a wrote

John is the guy you send to kill the boogeyman, solid points


IllustriousAd5963 t1_iwb1gmy wrote

well actcthually...

lol, yeah you're right but like, coulda said it in 100 less words:

"we know you're being sarcastic about "2x budget = 2x profit" but to add:

  • wick series grew in popularity/awareness
  • wick series storyline remained fun/exciting
  • higher budget allowed for + exhilarating stunts"

boom, done.


Wdrussell1 t1_iwb231v wrote

I would write and re-write things into less and less thought. However, the wording I chose was specific and thought out the way it was to make a point and defend it with understanding and thought.

When making a point without the thought its hollow. It doesn't get the point across properly and leaves everything up for interpretation.


>higher budget allowed for + exhilarating stunts"

This is not what I said. I said that it allowed for more people in the movie, it also allowed for bigger names to be used, and possibly more related to the effects of the movies.

Your extrapolation of the information isn't a complete thought but even if forced it would essentially work out to mean that it just give a bigger budget to CGI and other effects. Nothing about the cast itself or how large of names they are in acting. It also leaves out something we both didn't mention of including more locations so things like transporting certain items and renting time/gear for those locations.

Not everything can be properly boiled down into a few words and make sense. Nor can a few words extrapolate complex thought and understanding.

Words come without emotion and conveying information in them is hard.


IllustriousAd5963 t1_iwb2b3j wrote

oh god, it got longer 😳 lol, man, how does this person live and function. gotta be like a 14-16 yr-old range type of kid. my gooness mate. can relax on all that.

I didn't read but maybe 2 lines of the 1st one, and nothing at all of the 2nd book. out of maybe 100-200 people who glance at your 2 book-messages here, probably only around 2-3 will actually read them... more than 1-2 lines of em. it's a waste unless you're using them almost entirely for yourself.


Wdrussell1 t1_iwb2fxo wrote

It looks as though you have been the person to prove you are the 14-16 year old. Plenty of people read comments. Your small intellect just doesn't understand them. Maybe /r/dataisbeautiful isn't for the person who can't understand said data.


x0rn t1_iwadwef wrote

It looks like the more you increase the budget the worse the movie gets.