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dublin2001 t1_ixf9oen wrote

Is there a chart for words used less this year?


Gonhog t1_ixfftqz wrote

It would be a very interesting chart to see the words least used, simply because the act of putting them on the graph will increase their usage and therefore push them off the list.

Honestly it’s like the opposite of a quantum state. If observed, it changes, but if left unobserved, it remains the same.


dublin2001 t1_ixfg1sd wrote

I assume that there would be a minimum number of mentions, like how this chart doesn't count words that went from 1 -> 50 mentions.


HalpMehProgram t1_ixfh9cc wrote

Probably COVID is number 1


RevolutionaryTone276 t1_ixf9ohe wrote

Would be interesting to see words with the greatest drop in frequency as well


TitanRa t1_ixfv8dr wrote

Tbh I think Trump could be on that list. January 6th as well.


RevolutionaryTone276 t1_ixfx7xu wrote

Yea likely, Covid as well


NiaC5149 t1_ixr4pcd wrote

Wouldn't you expect covid to be used more in 2021 when it was more relevant than now


TitanRa t1_iybb70n wrote

I was wrong on both my counts but you were completely right! Covid did make that list!

Tagging u/NiaC5149 to keep them in the loop


NiaC5149 t1_ixr4kzq wrote

trump would have been used just as much in 2021 surely, but also I assume this graph excludes names of people as the top 10 would all be people who shot to fame overnight otherwise


DJCPhyr t1_ixf9531 wrote

Wow that's actually really depressing. Nearly all of those are associated with bad things happening.

I want to see 'puppies' on next years list dammit!


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_ixfabzs wrote

For the record

  • dog: +10.5%


  • cat: +9.8%
  • positive: +11.4%
  • safety: +11.4%


  • puppies: +2.4%

redceramicfrypan t1_ixfeoaa wrote

"positive" isn't a good thing in some pretty common contexts in 2022, though.

I like the visualization, though!


snouz t1_iycg2ck wrote

Same with safety, especially in the context of war.


gameboy1001 t1_ixffs89 wrote

Was it exactly +999% or just “too big for the graph”


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_ixfhfi1 wrote



spaetzelspiff t1_ixiiqul wrote

Ukraine Ukraine.


Fearzebu t1_ixiru2g wrote

You can’t force him to edit his comment that way if he pulled the number out of his ass in the first place, but that’s really funny anyway lol


Ebiig t1_ixfdiin wrote

What is the source exactly ? Because to my knowledge, the internet contains text in other languages than English. Did you filter the data ? Did you translate the foreign words ?

Did you use only American websites for your count ? Because "Republicans", "guns" and "abortion" are quite specific to the US. The given source must be more precise than "the internet".


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_ixfedj8 wrote

It is entirely English language and social media type data.


futero_del_fruturo t1_ixfuosm wrote

Can you elaborate? what method did you use to get your data?


Gooeyy t1_ixjbdn6 wrote

Yeah, source and methods matter too much here to be left out.


ChocolateBunny t1_ixfdjkb wrote

what happened to OnlyFans?


aksdb t1_ixia75r wrote

They were hit hard by inflation due to Russia trying to abort Ukraine.


EmperorZwerg1995 t1_ixiahpg wrote

This is exactly what I came to the comments for, I’m so sad there’s no response yet. Did something happen in 2022 that caused the spike? Or is it simply growth parallel with that of OnlyFans itself?


Sa404 t1_ixjjdc8 wrote

Normal girls started believing they could be millionaires by posting nudes


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_ixf7vfe wrote

The bar chart shows how word usage in 2022 compares with that in 2021. Word frequency counts were made using Reddit comment datasets from Pushshift. All posts were made during June of 2022 and June of 2021. Each percentage indicates the change in a word's absolute count (after adjusting counts to reflect datasets of slightly difference sizes). The bar chart was made with Python and Matplotlib.


HothHanSolo t1_ixfdkwz wrote

What's the source please?

(Including a source is a requirement for posting in this sub-reddit.)


Embarrassed_Alarm450 t1_ixfhpaw wrote

Yeah it's a little meaningless without knowing the source. You'd get drastically different results depending on where you collect the data. Google searches are going to be completely different from instagram or truth social for example. "Social media" is a pretty generic term and no mention of sample size or collection method...


DeplorableCaterpill t1_ixlbpu7 wrote

So it’s specifically change in usage “on Reddit”, not “online” in general. Also, it’s which words became more popular in “June 2022”, not 2022 as a whole.


jh937hfiu3hrhv9 t1_ixfmh8y wrote

Words used over the internet. What about words spoken in person? I used fuck a lot.


easyreadsit t1_ixfbihv wrote

These are words used by news bots and internet clickbait. I didn't use hardly any of these words, just was fed a steady barrage of them online.


please_PM_ur_bewbs t1_ixfav24 wrote

How did "mid" not make the list?


TailorNormal t1_ixfiutu wrote

I don’t think that an actual word


_Lavar_ t1_ixflz0e wrote

Is now


hurricanes15 t1_ixfmjsz wrote

Mid has been a word for at least 15 years now. We used to use it to describe dirt/cheap weed.


Fearzebu t1_ixisdfo wrote

It still isn’t a word but an abbreviation for “middle” which itself is short for middle-tier, to differentiate from better or worse weed

Calling mid a “word” in this contexts means we would need to classify a whole lot of other things as words too


cutelyaware t1_ixfjmzc wrote

Gas guns court rights? Vote oil, Republican states!


YourKemosabe t1_ixfff76 wrote

I like that the rainbow colours make this depressing chart look preddy


markpreston54 t1_ixfri37 wrote

Is the 999% real, or is it just a display error on the graphical software that limits large percentage to 999%


Karnezar t1_ixfm69d wrote

No one uses "Democrats" anymore lol

It's just "liberal," "left," "socialist," and "communist."


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_ixgb1q6 wrote

Yes, well both "Democrats" and "Republicans" had similar increases (49% vs. 53%). However, total usage volume for both words was marginal, and only one of the words had a volume high enough to make the chart.


johnnymetoo t1_ixfhnzu wrote

FIFA will ban this graphic in 3...2...1....


Jizzle_Sticks t1_ixfk944 wrote

Holy shit this is just a word cloud of my mind right now.


potpro t1_ixftq44 wrote

Could have sworn the word "breh" would me making an appearance


AggressorBLUE t1_ixfvqwd wrote

I want to time travel to 1993 and show this to one random person.


Clemario t1_ixfcouo wrote

I want to see data for a few other years


AresWill t1_ixfe9xo wrote

It's interesting but seeing a few years in a row and single year chsnge with cumulative change is more interesting.


curatedlurking23 t1_ixj3pvz wrote

That’s a great point! I would like to see if there’s a correlation with election years for any of these.


structee t1_ixflmik wrote

Ok, now use the top 10 in a sentence


_AlreadyTaken_ t1_ixflz5g wrote

So pretty much every word I avoid in conversations with my family.


KmartQuality t1_ixfr0mv wrote

This chart is measuring Americans?


5NATCH t1_ixg98fy wrote

I thought "leftist" would haven been up there given how many times its flaunted at anything that is misunderstood


Old_Cheesecake_5481 t1_ixiacoo wrote

What about “groomer” ?

I see the hate web sites and hate influencers are going over board calling the gays child molesters.


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_ixj5et4 wrote

"Groomers" was not included in the chart due to it having lower overall usage. Your perceptions appear consistent with my results though:

  • groomers: +314.7%

brendonap t1_ixicsxt wrote

Dammit just a few more Ukraine’s to hit 10x


Artistander t1_ixikebc wrote

Show us the less common words you coward


IdealIdeas t1_ixinj4g wrote

Can i get another graph that graphs out the terms and if they are used in a positive or negative manner?


itsniickgeo t1_ixj50sw wrote

This shows that things have gotten worse


SierraTargon t1_ixj8477 wrote

Nice chart. I think lots of these words spike on election years regardless so maybe adjusting for that would allow some more obscure words to float to the top.


sdoptionable t1_ixjgv2n wrote

Nice try, Russia. But unless you show some naughty bits on the internet, you're not getting gold, silver, or bronze for 2022.


Canes-Venaticii t1_ixk000p wrote

The fact that Onlyfans is so high up on the list is... telling


TheGamerDoug t1_ixlkxnd wrote

Interesting data, but not beautiful data


call_me_j4y t1_ixftaea wrote

only fans and abortion go hand in hand


chesterforbes t1_ixfi230 wrote

What about “the”, “and”, “you”, and probably the real most used word “antidisestablishmentarianism”


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_ixflt7n wrote

These words were used very heavily, however, the amount of usage did not change significantly.