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Sea_no_evil t1_iwrs2s2 wrote

Separating San Jose from San Francisco doesn't track well with everyday life in the area. It's definitely one metro area. If San Jose is separate, why not also Oakland?


guspolly4 t1_iwxhp7z wrote

Smaller scale, but Cleveland gets shafted a bit too. I can agree a bit with Akron being its own area, but not Lorain/Elyria, that’s clearly an extension of Cleveland


AnonymusBear t1_iwwezsu wrote

The bay area has 2 metro areas SF-Oakland-Berekely and SJ-Sunnyvale-SC, but I never understood why b/c I know many people that live in these places, but commute to the other metro areas aka just combine the bay area metro as a whole don't separate it