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defcon_penguin t1_iwuam93 wrote

Why is Austria there but not Germany for example?


H_Lunulata t1_iwud0tl wrote

Canada, most of the EU, the rest of the 5-eyes... there's some serious gaps.


StationOost t1_iwubqvu wrote

Welcome to a new episode of "useless data" by Equal-Crew.


MyddyPaws t1_iwud8hv wrote

@OP - this comment is written from my perspective if one of my junior employees were to send me this for review

So what I'm seeing is that there is no real correlation between % of women in STEM and GDP?

As you only have a few data labels and not all data points, you could have replaced the points with the flags of the countries and eliminated the need for the labels. Granted, in certain areas this may have been a bit illegible as well - would be fun to experiment.

Not certain how you chose which ones to label (though it seems a choice due to available space for a label). Unfortunately due to the unlabeled dots, this chart would require an accompanying table for the unlabeled data points (not ideal).

If you wanted to have this type chart and select labels it would be when situating one group within the whole. For example European countries to the rest of the world (and only label the select countries)


[deleted] t1_iwud2q7 wrote

Pretty surprised to see the US where it is. When I was in school there wasn't a single American girl in our electrical engineering department (there were 2 from Malaysia). Everywhere I've worked has been like 99% male too.


Alfalfa_World t1_ix10xe5 wrote

1.When and where were you in STEM? there been a huge breakthrough of women in STEM recently.

  1. USA is pretty low on the list for having the highest GDP. A bunch of small countries are beating it

[deleted] t1_ix147k3 wrote

According to this women are 48% which is almost exactly where you want to be. Having over 52% isn't "better", it's worse.