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cockapooch t1_iy1gr51 wrote

Looks worse than it is. These numbers don’t mean anything unless you tie it to each country’s population. Canada only has 38 million people for example.


QuizardNr7 t1_iy3pbwc wrote

Nope, that's not a plot showing "wealth gap between countries".


Sea_no_evil t1_iy4kyse wrote

Canada's place on this list is impressive.


53749958426 t1_iy5wjh8 wrote

These values are all measured in USD which is more than a little deceptive given current exchange rates and cost of living adjustments.


ohiking t1_iy1f853 wrote

China barely surpasses our poverty income line and you do just fine. something needs to change


Unknownirish t1_iy1kjhg wrote

Yea change the tax code and allow more people to work how ever they want to.

This whole 9 to 5 type of schedule worked fine 40 years ago but in the age of freelance and self employment and self starters heck even starting content creators are just as productive (as the fed ought to say) as the person going into the office for 8 hours a day.