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AluminumFright t1_iycvdab wrote

Is this data? Yes. Is it beautiful? No.


Sea-Strategy-2363 t1_iyd3gg5 wrote

And no title.. so no point. I don’t really get the idea of this comparison. What is the message from the OP?


Fantastic_Picture384 t1_iyd8nin wrote

Depends on if you are interested in stuff like that. I am.. just like some large states in America are so 'empty' compared with smaller states.


RangeWilson t1_iycvxty wrote

80% of Suriname is untouched rainforest.

Please don't give anyone any ideas. 😡


wolamute t1_iydvygi wrote

Not to mention Bangladesh is mostly plains.


app4that t1_iye9v2r wrote

Agreed. The comparison is fascinating though.


Ipsos_Logos t1_iydgc4d wrote

So you mean slash and burn charcoal production, or aggressive lumbering, or any low paying input/ raw resources production that leaves those countries hollow, polluted, and financially/ resource poor.

Well, since most advisors see places like these as 3rd world countries. Business/world bank/IMF will push for rapid industrialization which funds all of those activities listed above.

The best would be high end products produced with world market recognition like “champagne” where there are legal channels to report/ enforcement economic rules…. Good luck, that requires money, power, & time.

Unfortunately, it’s currently situation exist for the moment. So get yours before others get there. -quote from snoop dog.


bisho t1_iycvzx2 wrote

Australian here: Suriname is still pretty crowded


personofinterest18 t1_iyd0s59 wrote

What are the arrows supposed to be telling me?


Muzsin t1_iyd5m8e wrote

They are showing you that the bars represent population


personofinterest18 t1_iyd5vx3 wrote

LOL oh I didn’t see that there was a blue “bar”. I’m like what’s with the random arrows


Over-Smile t1_iyd3ke1 wrote

Suriname data is wrong by alot.

632000/163821 = 3.857/km^2

632000/63252 = 9.991/mi^2


Jugales t1_iycukj3 wrote

Java (volcanic island part of Indonesia)

Area: 128,300km^2 , 49,536mi^2

Population: 145 million

Density: 1,130/km^2 , 2,927/mi^2


bornagy t1_iycvkpg wrote

Isnt java part of indonesia?


RangeWilson t1_iycw517 wrote

No! It is a volcanic island nation!

Source: reddit


Crazy__Donkey t1_iycza8q wrote

now, compare it to russia with the same population....


BourboneAFCV t1_iyd2coq wrote

95% of Suriname are trees, live the trees alone


european_hodler t1_iyf8c74 wrote

most people dont even know that suriname exists. maybe better that way before someone wants to steal their stuff.


two_plus_two_is_zero OP t1_iycr0pt wrote

Source: Wikipedia

Tool: Photoshop


LeonMann t1_iyctwk0 wrote

Why does Bangladesh not at loggerheads with India like Pakistan is, those two are always at each other's throats.

What makes the eastern division less so,?


RangeWilson t1_iycvqrk wrote

India has no interest in arguing over swampland.


Torugu t1_iycwzwa wrote

Bangladesh used to be Pakistan.

Bangladesh did not want to be Pakistan.

India and Pakistan fought a war over Bangladesh.

India won and Bangladesh stopped being Pakistan.

Relations between India and Bangladesh have been good ever since.

Pakistan and India have been irreconcilable enemies ever since.


today_i_burned t1_iycxkql wrote

Not quite an accurate history.

Bangladesh was part of Pakistan.

Bangladeshi candidates won an election, which did not sit well with the ruling elites in (West) Pakistan.

West Pakistan decided to genocide Bangladesh, especially (but not exclusively) Bengali Hindus

India stepped in to mitigate the migrant crisis and stop the genocide.

India won and Bangladesh was given independence.

India and Pakistan were already enemies before this.


Crazy__Donkey t1_iyczrla wrote

>Bangladesh was part of Pakistan.

is there a brit in the crowd who can explain this?


TrinityF t1_iyd0shr wrote

My Unles James and Kenneth were part of the partition committee.


>oh dear heavens James, looks like we gave India too much land and Pakistan not enough.
>Oh well, let’s just take this land at the other end of India and make that Pakistan as well.
>Good Lord, Kenneth. that's can never work, how do you expect a nation to exist with another nation in between them?
>Exactly James, Exactly... mwahahahahaha
>Kenneth, you're a brilliant evil bastard, they will surely go to war over this.


This may or may not be a transcript of one of those meetings.


ManasZankhana t1_iydebex wrote

Only one person was in charge of the partition. He ended up refusing taking payment for the job because 2 million people ended up dying


Kobosil t1_iyd2u8t wrote


Pakistan and Bangladesh are both majority Muslims

India is majority Hindu


Studstill t1_iycv1mg wrote

Boy howdy this is some beautiful data


crazyhadron t1_iycz9fj wrote

That's what happens when a genocide kills off anyone with more than two brain cells and the rest multiply like rabbits.


VALMaX1 t1_iyd0zl2 wrote

Bangladesh is nothing but a large version of black hole of Calcutta


bob-theknob t1_iyd1brk wrote

Makes sense. Bangladesh/ Bengal is the most fertile region on Earth and has always been the most densely populated region in the world as well with so many rivers flowing through there and the heart of Indian civilisation.

Suriname is an island which is mostly rainforest too which isn’t great for human habitation.


sheldon_y14 t1_iyd7s4a wrote

>Suriname is an island which is mostly rainforest too which isn’t great for human habitation.

Not an island and also Suriname just isn't crowded, because of historical reasons, not because of the rainforest.


xeneks t1_iyfe71p wrote

So what I’m getting here is that while they look the same…

with one tiny chomping Bangladesh eats Suriname, and it probably doesn’t even quell the hunger of all the Bangladeshis!

I would depict this differently. If this is disturbing, please note it and concentrate, think, innovate and suggest an improvement because I really don’t have enough good ideas or time to refine them.

Firstly, I’d animate it slightly, like live videos. About 1-2 seconds of animation. Maybe 3 or 4 if it’s incomprehensible.

Then I’d have the 2D representative of the country turn 3D and go side on. Bangladesh would be seen as massively thick, Suriname as impossibly weak. This could also be done by shrinking and expanding them.

Then of course you have Bangladesh turn into something with teeth and chomp on or step on Suriname, to highlight how tiny it is in population, insignificant. That would be memorable.

How would I do this without animation or disturbing things like visual imagery where a nation eats another?


Maybe fun, to create insight and an appreciative ‘oh that’s why’?

Ugh, hhm er,

Ok. An idea.

Physically, people understand piles. Loose stuff that supports itself under gravity.

It’s instinctive and instantly understood.

Piles have an advantage, they can be seen. Like.. piles of dirt. A hill or mountain. A pile of stones - A pyramid. Also as the base is wide you can fit bigger volumes in a pile than is more pyramidal that in a pile that is cylindrical.

So, you could present it with the nations or states on one side, one above the other. Hmm nah

That’s probably going to make people think one country is better than another.

Hows this. Two tone.

The existing map stays the same but is shaded or faded out at 50%.

Then you get rid of the arrows and the thick lines representing populations.

Then you create a dual hourglass shape. Or 4 triangles. You have the different populations represented by the teardrop shape of a horizontal or vertical hourglass, or by piles, hills or pyramids. And you have them doubled up and reversed so that it’s clear you aren’t indicating that one is above another or only left of another or right of another in the altered visual depiction of the population. You could have them sort of.. fat bum to bum, offset so that they aren’t pointing to each other.

. D


D .

Like here above. The D symbol is Bangladesh population. I use it as a ‘pile’ sitting horizontally.

The . symbol Is Suriname population.

This respects that you aren’t indicating that there’s a flow from one to another that passes through a tiny chokehold, that might indicate elitism or superiority or exclusivity or stressful junk messages like that.

Triangles or pyramids might also indicate the difference well. Offsetting them means they fit in the space given.

To do the pile vertically as if it’s created by, or subject to gravity, is better.

But that’s got to be reversed and duplicated as some people might think that one flows to another or is threatening another or is above another or might bury another.

Most people don’t think like that but some do, and that might mean the graphic becomes perception altering media, that heightens antagonism that further or spur rivalries or discontent. By ensuring you duplicate and flip the data without change you present it neutrally as you counterbalance the weighing caused by the physical positioning of the piles or pyramids relative to another.

Ok, but not fun. No smile with appreciation and compassion. No laughter. A chuckle with a grin that creates camaraderie on earth. This is tricky.

One person’s trivia is anothers hate or complication or distraction or waste of time. One person’s joke can be another one’s insult.


Maybe.. make the pyramids or teardrop or raindrop shapes showing population size in area,

But bring common human things in. Universally understood. Ahh, ummm.

Piles of birdseed? Hmm nah. Faeces? A bit iffy and sticky. Nopeing out of that.

Animals? Faces? No, the population of Suriname is too small to caricaturize the piles or drops or pyramids.

Resources like water or food? Nah. Not good. The issue there is that resource competition is sometimes aggressive, if not at the minister or administrator political level, then at the perception of wealth and unequal distribution.

There must be something you can use.

Fart gas? Anthropogenic Global warming and the livestock industry makes that traumatic for some, especially if sea levels rise rapidly to 60 Meters.

What about grains of sand? Piles of sand?

That might work. Sand is everywhere nearly.

‘If the people were as sand, this is their population’

Any better suggestions?


CharlieSixFive t1_iycwfn9 wrote

Guess Surinam has birthcontrol.