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RangeWilson t1_iycvxty wrote

80% of Suriname is untouched rainforest.

Please don't give anyone any ideas. 😡


wolamute t1_iydvygi wrote

Not to mention Bangladesh is mostly plains.


app4that t1_iye9v2r wrote

Agreed. The comparison is fascinating though.


Ipsos_Logos t1_iydgc4d wrote

So you mean slash and burn charcoal production, or aggressive lumbering, or any low paying input/ raw resources production that leaves those countries hollow, polluted, and financially/ resource poor.

Well, since most advisors see places like these as 3rd world countries. Business/world bank/IMF will push for rapid industrialization which funds all of those activities listed above.

The best would be high end products produced with world market recognition like “champagne” where there are legal channels to report/ enforcement economic rules…. Good luck, that requires money, power, & time.

Unfortunately, it’s currently situation exist for the moment. So get yours before others get there. -quote from snoop dog.