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chasepsu OP t1_iysqzb7 wrote

This was made using PowerPoint. I utilized the AP Poll rankings for Preseason through Week 9 and the College Football Playoff rankings for Weeks 10-14. I don’t like changing sources midway through the year, but there’s no CFP ranking before week 10 and it’s the only one that “matters” starting that week. I’ve personally found the AP Poll to be more authoritative than the Coaches Poll, which is why I chose to use that for the first 10 weeks.

I’m aware that this chart is extremely busy, and would appreciate any suggestions folks might have on how to make it more readable.


sandboxlollipop t1_iyszsqa wrote

It's fascinating. I have no idea what each of the teams are or know anything about American Football at that, but it really is interesting to see all the movement


Odd_Egg_1496 t1_iytsw86 wrote

All you gotta know is the Vols absolutely BLEW IT against South Carolina


t-sme t1_iz7fg23 wrote

In the AP poll most of the movement is simply, X team lost so they move down in the rankings and other teams move up

The CFP ranking is more likely to actually evaluate whether a team should actually be ranked where it is


Krogsly t1_iyv76qz wrote

This format does provide us with a beginning assumption that the AP/CFP are more accurate at assessing the talent/performance of the top 5 teams than the rest of the field.


chasepsu OP t1_iyx3iq0 wrote

I also look at the wild changes from Weeks 2 to 4 as an indication that preseason and even early season rankings are dumb.


teamongered t1_iyukq6d wrote

The figure is a bit hard to read. Looks like a spiderweb. I’d suggest try visualizing in a way that provides more continuity.


supreme2005 t1_iz06hq9 wrote

Pretty amazing what TCU accomplished honestly


artaig t1_iytw54b wrote

Go Lions! Wait, this is not their league...


Wide-Persimmon5259 t1_iyxd999 wrote

The fact AF have rankings for college teams genuinely blows my mind