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kaisertralfaz t1_iz0xqth wrote

Expanse Season 5 home version


Kitchner t1_iz47caf wrote

To be fair in the novels its emphasised a LOT that the initial deaths caused by the asteroid strikes aren't the issue. Earth has a population of 13bn at that time and killing twenty, thirty, even fifty million people with asteroid strikes makes practically no difference to the planet (while being obviously a tragedy).

What kills billions is the fact food and logistics are completely disrupted and in many places there's no ability for the government to enforce law and order. Its people starving, dying of disease etc that ends up killing billions of people.


NorthWolf613 t1_iz6g6wo wrote

Don't forget that enough were launched at earth to cause a nuclear winter which people in tropical and sub-tropical regions are totally unprepared for, 25F/-4C temperatures would cause many deaths just from lack of warm clothes.


speedycat2014 t1_iz12w00 wrote

If this were a sci-fi series, your little game would unknowingly rain down stellar debris across millions of alternate universes, killing billions of unsuspecting alternate-us'es, obliterating our worlds, and we never know why...

I'd watch that.


InsuranceToTheRescue t1_iz174rj wrote

Sounds like a Rick & Morty episode. Like all the Ricks in the Central Finite Curve have devices that protect Earth from meteors and they keep flinging them at Doofus Rick's Earth. Doofus Rick eventually gets pissed off and starts flinging them back.


throwawayforyouzzz t1_iz3pqev wrote

One Rick and Morty episode had Morty resetting his life repeatedly with a device Rick made. Rick reveals at the end that it’s not time travel and all those alternate Morties had been melted in their own universes after they had been used by the device.


moncalzada t1_iz4d42z wrote

Well, the default asteroid is almost the same as 99942 Apophis, so you could say we are just test-driving it for the moment


Sabion t1_iz1cwap wrote

Well done! Any way to add tsunami heights to ocean strikes?


FriendlyDisorder t1_iz255vy wrote

Agreed. I was hoping to unleash a two mile-high tsunami. Also, ejecta would be good to track.

Very cool however, OP! Lots of fun to play with.


[deleted] t1_iz2zsfw wrote

Maybe dust clouds too! Shows the impact on the rest of the world, would be neat.

It's pretty awesome as-is. They did a great job.


caitsith01 t1_iz32c96 wrote

Yeah, presumably this and atmospheric effects would be the biggest actual problems, not the immediate impact area blowing up.


kudlatytrue t1_iz40w3h wrote

Came here to say that. I was experimenting with fallout of a few scenarios and the first thing I missed was any kind of tsunami information or how many people would be injured/die and how much $ worth of damages would the tsunami do if meteor impacted the water. Dewfinitely the first upgrade this site needs. Otherwise, VERY COOL, op.


LeftyGimpclaw t1_iz38tk8 wrote

My wife just scolded me for trying this. She pointed out that five years ago I was constantly playing Plague, Inc, and look how that turned out. 😁


teddy_bear_territory t1_iz3p5w2 wrote

I have the same power. I once killed George Carlin simply by not going to see him live when my friend called with ticket last minute.


StrictlyFT t1_iz3wu8f wrote

Lmao. Reminds me of when the Plague Inc devs said they had conflicted feelings about seeing an increase in profit after Covid started.


OrangePrototype OP t1_iz0vhbb wrote

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Tools: Javascript and WebGL


tallmantim t1_iz392bv wrote

very cool :-)

a metric version would be good (I don't live in Liberia!)


brotmandel t1_iz3s0ba wrote

Seismologist here, this is rad but the earthquake layer is nonsense. You can't use magnitude like you did here. Would love to chat more if you're interested.


tterrag1098 t1_iz179d8 wrote

What effect does the impact angle have? I can't see much of one from a bit of testing.


pompatous665 t1_iz185y8 wrote

None. Unless the angle of impact is very nearly horizontal, the crater produced will be circular.


JTanCan t1_iz3o2dg wrote

Is that comment about the game or in real life?


Xyex t1_iz4ldb2 wrote

Real life. Asteroids hit with such force that the angle doesn't matter. They essentially explode on impact, blasting out a crater much larger than the original asteroid. And explosions don't care about angle of impact, they're gonna be a big old ball of fire regardless.


pompatous665 t1_iz53unf wrote

There are a few elliptical craters mapped on planets and moons in real life - they account for less than 5%.of all craters. The angle of impact has to be less than ~10°.


matandola t1_iz3sxve wrote

This is super cool! Can you add a total deaths count as a final page for each asteroid strike?


kc2syk t1_iz5i1n9 wrote

Nicely done! Some things you might consider adding to the model:

  • how much ejecta is emitted, where it lands and number killed
  • tsunami height, coastal inundation and number killed
  • amount of material added to the atmosphere, global temperature change, and number killed from resultant crop failures over the following years

Also, I think a total number killed at the top of the results display would be useful.


EntropyDonkey t1_iz0zcxd wrote

This is awesome and scary! Nice work!


DancinBuzzemann t1_iz1mnzi wrote

Great and very nice annimations! Can you pls add larger asteroids and maybe historical examples like the Chicxulub–asteroid?


Cameleopar t1_iz28iau wrote

I suggest you make it possible to put all parameters as URL extensions, with a "Copy impact link" (or "share impact on Twitter") button once the asteroid is launched. This would allow visitors to copy and share impacts to their (least) favorite places.

Also those speed and impact angles values are a bit dry - why choose one over the other? Make the ranges more relevant e.g. typical interstellar visitor, Oort asteroid etc. Or simply propose ready-made impactors, such as Chicxulub dinosaur killer, Halley comet, Tunguska event, rocks from "The Moon is a harsh mistress" etc.


The_T0me t1_iz117ho wrote

Wow, the detail in this is truly impressive. Very well done!


Aggressive-Pay2406 t1_iz28mhc wrote

You should have it run a total kill count at the end


neutrinoburrito t1_iz33f6u wrote


Oh wait, it’s only a simulation.

Well then — back to my potato chips, I suppose.


Mariusaurelius89 t1_iz17u21 wrote

That is really cool! Its interesting what a small asteroid with high speed could do. And a large asteroid with "slow" speed


Aggressive-Pay2406 t1_iz284i3 wrote

Someone call my mom if I’m still on this in 12 hours


Floki47 t1_iz11k1g wrote

I wish we could see people running and the after math.


Stalagmus t1_iz2mddj wrote

Hey y’all, just made this little JavaScript physics tool that allows you to see the different effect of asteroids hitting the planet, as well as rudimentary visual depictions of society’s slow, horrific descent into mindless, scarcity-driven anarchy, as all life is snuffed out, one by one, on it’s inexorable path to utter oblivion, leaving behind nothing but a gelid, lifeless rock.

It’s just a beta so feedback welcome!


IAmNotAnAnteater t1_iz12w25 wrote

I just pictured a bunch of people running around like ants in terror and…I don’t really like what that did to me.


Floki47 t1_iz1c4d9 wrote

Bubble text could be added... "hey what's that? A bird, no a plane, it's super maaan!" And then detonation.


robdiqulous t1_iz2zco6 wrote

The one I did had 200mph winds a state wide basically. Nobody running anywhere. They flying!


alexmario365 t1_iz1gnfu wrote

Very neat. I'd like to see an option for metric values, apart from that very neat.


9eo9raph t1_iz1w8bu wrote

Nice work! You should add Bruce Willis as an option.


Kricket t1_iz20xsz wrote

This is pretty terrifying.

I can't get enough.

Nice work!


ledow t1_iz2f9cs wrote

Could you add a tsunami stat for how large a resultant wave would be if it landed in the water?


felixrocket7835 t1_iz1s40w wrote

What material does the most damage?


Rogaar t1_iz2ic37 wrote

OP: Can you add a switch between SI and Imperial units?


arjuna66671 t1_iz3vzwn wrote

Cool. Now would it be possible to have metrics too instead of only imperial system?


balcopc t1_iz1gc4f wrote

nice job man


Cesar-q3 t1_iz1hm1q wrote

Love it!!! Really good job


krishnasty t1_iz2mb5j wrote

Super interesting. Another analysis that might be added is the Tsunami that might result of the impact !!


milkysway1 t1_iz1jtni wrote

Haven't had this much fun since nuke map! I like the animation effects!


Bruhhg t1_iz241hf wrote

the inyalowda get a taste of the belt today


bobbyorlando t1_iz2fopu wrote

Really cool project OP! A nice-to-have would be things like speed also in non-freedom units.


FastConfidence4077 t1_iz2k6w2 wrote

Great website. I dropped a rock 3 feet in diameter on my neighborhood and it still created enough casualties for it to be an international news story.


jamescobalt t1_iz30hgr wrote

How much to upgrade to the full real version?


NoWarrantShutUp t1_iz3du78 wrote

I have just spent a half hour on this, this is so fun, I love the fact that you have different compositions of asteroids available. Didn’t realize until like 7 asteroids in.


Intrigued_by_Words t1_iz3e1q5 wrote

I tried to wake up Yellowstone's supervolcano. I have no idea how that would work and don't really want to think about it beyond the cheesy scifi movie level.


atriskgypsy t1_iz3vb1h wrote

Kinda like the nuke simulator


sizarieldor t1_iz44yo0 wrote

Nice. Can you do the interface in metric, and also do you factor in hills/mountains/elevation?


LetterLambda t1_iz45cgv wrote

Are you tracking where people shoot the most asteroids?


global_peasant t1_iz4rwzv wrote

Thanks, my son and I just spent 20 minutes vaporizing everyone we know and had a blast.


protonfreetome t1_iz532v0 wrote

What are the top ten cities that get hit the most?


trentgibbo t1_iz1q2el wrote

Really awesome! Great job!

If it could automatically zoom out to the correct size after you click on the next type of impact that would be good.


fahhko t1_iz2488c wrote

No idea how accurate this is but COOL AF.


duzzy50 t1_iz26mkp wrote

This is super interesting. Thanks for sharing


DigitalReverb t1_iz2dde5 wrote

This was fun playing with the sizes trying to get the same size as the Arizona meteor crater


BlakBat t1_iz2eeg5 wrote

I'll be that guy... It's not metric


TetsujinTonbo t1_iz2o0wr wrote

I'm disappointed low degree angles don't let you skip the asteroid like throwing a stone across a river.

How come no fireball for a 5 degree angle impact?


bizfamo t1_iz2oqid wrote

This is awesome! They had something like this at the Crater museum in Arizona. So fun to obliterate the earth every once and a while. Thanks for sharing!


Paesano2000 t1_iz2qsks wrote

It would be really cool to see it simulating a nuclear blast :)


DrQuestDFA t1_iz2rbvp wrote

Nuke Map 2: Electric Asteroid Boogaloo


sweds01 t1_iz2s9q2 wrote

I immediately went to my house and launched that bitch right at it!


KaenenM t1_iz2tu16 wrote

I had way too much fun with that, thank you!


ThirdCupSugar t1_iz303fz wrote

This is really cool! Ive already blown up california a few times...


gkdebus t1_iz314p3 wrote

Nice work awesome simulator!


teddykaygeebee t1_iz326ir wrote

Clothes catch on fire?! 1,000mph winds?!? Really cool site! Well done.


Michael_Snowy t1_iz36cv6 wrote

One big mother inbetween India and China should sort out world population.


StarsintheSky t1_iz37r2d wrote

You're not recording IP addresses and the associated targets selected then adding them to a list somewhere... right?

That's a neat applet. Thanks for sharing!


Wino_whine t1_iz37u25 wrote

This was an awesome website! My daughter went into each section and loved it! Her favorites were, logo drawing, spend bill gates money (she purchased like 50 MD franchises) and deep space.


arosario1931 t1_iz3ar46 wrote

Pinky and the Brain would approve.


AxelsOG t1_iz3avhv wrote

A few minutes in and I’ve murdered over a billion people.


NickyD_ t1_iz3d166 wrote

Just played this with my baby boo thang. She killed my family :(


stoicinmd t1_iz3eshn wrote

Fun and terrifying! Are you collecting lat/long data on most popular impact locations?


Goldfish-21 t1_iz3fms5 wrote

This is so cool. Dark fun, but luckily less close to home than Plague inc. I love this.


Malorn13 t1_iz3gxjn wrote

I love how it starts the map on top of New York City. As the obvious place anyone would want to test dropping an asteroid on


fsorenson t1_iz3hvze wrote

This is great! Nice work.

Did anybody NOT go right for the largest, most dense asteroid at the highest velocity at a 90° angle, and aim it directly at:

  • their ex
  • boss
  • that politician
  • school
  • that other city/state/country
  • a particular billionaire
  • rival sports team
  • wherever you could obliterate the most people …

_Gloomy t1_iz3kfc7 wrote

New fear unlocked. Thanks!


iamslevemcdichael t1_iz3kzff wrote

Love it @op. Really cool. Thanks for putting this together


EargasmicGiant t1_iz3m8ru wrote

its cool byt when i pick the ocean theres no graph for a tsunami


LordSkully t1_iz3mwni wrote

would like to see estimate of water displacement for example in the Great Lakes


iceytomatoes t1_iz3n44n wrote

its neat but if you impact the ocean is there really going to be the same fireball as there would be on land? it keeps telling me there would be


Shifty-Manzanita t1_iz3qkqk wrote

I played with this a lot longer than I thought I would! 😂


Kempeth t1_iz3qt08 wrote

You really should put some authentication and sevurity around the ability to launch asteroids at earth. So irresponsible of you. Thankfully I haven't been hit yet.


homo-macrophyllum t1_iz3sezh wrote

Best I could do was about 380 million people in India. Anybody do better?


Alaeriia t1_iz3yqax wrote

Time to figure out the ideal spot, speed, and size to destroy the maximum amount of Ohio while minimizing damage to the innocent surrounding states.


purplegrim t1_iz40478 wrote

OP, wait like a month and then release a map with data of where people struck the most - that would be really interesting to see


snowdrone t1_iz40iit wrote

It's important to consider the asteroids perspective and feelings


kcook01 t1_iz40r6e wrote

Cool site thanks for scaring the shit out of me


romulusnr t1_iz43rvi wrote

Disappointed, launched asteroid at Chicago, but I checked and it's still fucking there


s_ch t1_iz43vtw wrote

Super cool! How many of you blew up your workplace first?


SleeplessArchitect t1_iz444jc wrote

Super cool! First thing I did was drop one on my MILs house.


Ronoh t1_iz44mmv wrote

Absolutely awesome! Consider adding a toggle to chose more universally accepted and scientific units like meters. That would make it much more appealing to the rest of the world.


spespy t1_iz44pbg wrote

Might not wanna give the universe any feisty ideas now do we


Quarter120 t1_iz44piq wrote

These are the kind of ideas i need


PaddleMonkey t1_iz46e40 wrote

I get this feeling this could be used to gauge population sentiment of certain cities around the world.

Like people would want to throw an asteroid at some place they would destroy if they could.

They’d take down your IP address, and pair that with the location of impact, gauge your dislike of said location by noting the size (specificity: singular or broad) and speed (severity) of the rock.


Rare_HankHill t1_iz471fc wrote

Too bad you don't see any seniors around to live long enough with type 1 diabetes


Chaotickane t1_iz48aji wrote

Needs tsunami calculations, but great otherwise


Rear-gunner t1_iz48ewu wrote

It is hard to select a location.

Then I hit the middle of the Indian Ocean; surely there would be a tsunami but no. Then I hit the Ashwin Dam and some direct deaths but without the dam, Egypt is doomed.


rickdangerousrider t1_iz4b31l wrote


But I would like to see the impact of tsunami waves in case of oceanic touchdown.

Can you made it possible???


dlpail999 t1_iz4bov5 wrote

I love everything about this. Nice work!!


commie__retard t1_iz4ed82 wrote

Great website man!

Helped me get to the end of the day at work! ("Where did my day go?")


NoobimusMaximas t1_iz4eqdn wrote

Okay, who else tried hitting only their parked car so you could claim imaginary insurance? I can't quite find the right combination.


ismaelgokufox t1_iz4gqje wrote

Loved that it works pretty good on mobile


HypedTurtle t1_iz4hqdd wrote

Please add more measurement options in form of KM/h, Meters etc, its hitting the EARTH afterall not the USA only.
Unless we are in Holywood web app where the whole planet is USA. :D


itseensasekaantuja t1_iz4o9zx wrote

Development suggestion: the ability to zoom to the house of my main nemesis.


Yahallo139 t1_iz4ubd3 wrote

Can you increase the size limit. I wanted to see impact of a 10 km asteroid


Sad_Daikon938 t1_iz508m9 wrote

I've only one issue with this, the population data doesn't seem accurate. Also you're using Mercator projection, in which perfect circles on the earth's surface get more and more distorted the farther you go from the equator, so a circle centred at NYC wouldn't be a perfect circle on the map.


gramb0420 t1_iz51cmo wrote

I probably enjoyed this more than I should have thank you OP. you should let us know which country gets the most asteroids to hit it after a month lol.


Berns429 t1_iz53mvc wrote

I just took out Bermuda…my bad y’all


tsb041978 t1_iz5fst5 wrote

Not gonna lie: This is pretty cathartic.



Cleonicus t1_iz5yrt4 wrote

I went to a science museum as a kid and they had a similar program at a kiosk. The only problem was it was very tough to get a meaningful impact. The asteroid either burned up in orbit or resulted in the "total destruction of Earth," which became a meme for us for a little while.


LooksAtClouds t1_iz8bfv5 wrote

Is it bad that I just want to launch it at Washington DC? And maybe the Texas capitol at Austin?

I am trying to limit collateral damage.


Wahots t1_iz46mg6 wrote

I'm kinda curious what would happen if a gold asteroid that was a mile wide hit the remote south pacific at 250,000 mph at nearly 90 degrees. The explosion would be enormous. It would throw ocean water high into the atmosphere like the Tonga eruption. But would it be an end of days style strike if it hit water vs land? I'm curious how much energy the water absorbs vs land, which I assume just kinda becomes a liquid with that much force.