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Obskyquil t1_iz10kx5 wrote

Coca-Cola had been sponsoring every FIFA World Cup? I wonder how much they had to pay and the returns for that money


hiphippo65 t1_iz152fu wrote

Sugar water has huge margins, so their biggest expense is usually advertising. They love global events with lots of exposure, so the first thing you think of when you want a sweet drink is their high margin sugar water


Obskyquil t1_iz1o3xq wrote

No wonder it is a tooth-destroyer. Sugar water is overrated


Sparrowsabre7 t1_iz4mm7a wrote

I know you're speaking euphemistically but I can't help but think of Men in Black when you say "sugar water".


B_R_U_H t1_iz38d4f wrote

I believe Coca Cola was FIFAs first sponsorship ever


38384 OP t1_iz1332m wrote

Pepsi Cola: cries with regret


Obskyquil t1_iz1o6oi wrote

Still sad they haven’t given away the fighter jet


teslarekt t1_iz2hzrq wrote

Yo have you seen that Netflix doc “Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?” Just watched it a couple days ago, wild stuff


Obskyquil t1_iz437be wrote

I did, it’s insane. Idk why the judge sided with Pepsi-Cola, their excuse of “just joking around” didn’t sit well. The entire thing is weird


SirWitzig t1_iz40dak wrote

For a company with a really global presence like Coca-Cola, it's probably a sensible decision. Almost everyone watching the World Cup can probably go and buy a Coke right away after watching a match.


Obskyquil t1_iz43efi wrote

Makes sense, it’s probably a really popular drink during the World Cup


SirWitzig t1_iz45235 wrote

I guess many people prefer beer.

But the point is that for Coca-Cola, almost everyone who watches the World Cup is a potential future customer. Whereas many fans will not even know who "Byju's", "Hisense" and "Wanda Group" are. Budweiser is also a prominent sponsor. Even if I were tempted by advertising to buy an American Budweiser, I wouldn't be able to find one in my supermarket.


Oderis t1_iz46rxd wrote

I wonder at which point more advertisement is pointless because most of the audience already knows about your brand. It might be different in other countries, but in mine pretty much every person knows about Coca-Cola, yet they keep paying for advertisement in Cinemas and TV. I haven't met a single person who would not know what Coca-Cola is.

I guess that means the ads are working.


BrisPoker314 t1_iz48ztc wrote

The purposes of their ads is no longer to inform people that Coca Cola exists, it’s to remain in people’s heads as the most popular soft drink


robzillerrrsss t1_iz4k8t3 wrote

Because they still compete with other brands. They want to be the first thing you think of when you get thirsty. When I pitched advertising for small businesses I was in and they were skeptical of the added expense, I would say "if coke and McDonald's need to advertise, So do we"


Mowensworld t1_iz4cn9u wrote

There is a reason it's constantly the number one brown drink in a market of 100 brown drinks that taste roughly the same. It's the prestige of being on the global stage, but to keep that rep you just gotta keep on being in front of the world like this.


Obskyquil t1_iz57mc4 wrote

I agree, the brown drinks taste the same. Does make them sound like >!diarrhoea!< but honestly they taste bad so not complaining.


Puzzled_Passenger_34 t1_iz4wzwd wrote

coca cola has a world cup anthem every time ,, they’re in it to win it (like jason derulos “colors” from 2018)


rex2k10 t1_iz2fxtg wrote

I feel like this data could’ve been more beautiful


BRGrunner t1_iz4mps7 wrote

No doubt! This is just a bunch of names separated by lines ... Nothing was even attempted to organize the information


_Silly_Wizard_ t1_iz14v3t wrote

Geez we haven't had an official cigarette of soccer for a while


anonkitty2 t1_iz1m055 wrote

America already bans direct cigarette advertising on television, and had since the 1970s. A decade or two ago, they decided that naming events after known cigarette brands and having inescapable cigarette billboards should also be banned. We lost the Winston Cup then, though I presume the event has another name. Cigarette sponsors would lock out a critical niche of World Cup viewers.


t-sme t1_iz7ecmj wrote

Nextel Cup, Sprint Cup (same sponsor but name change due to company merger), Monster Energy Cup. Then they upgraded to the point where they have four sponsors, but they don't try to fit all of them in the name, so it's just NASCAR Cup.


TalkingCanadaSnowman t1_iz2v7qu wrote

Lool if we're being honest, 2010 was actually sponsored by whatever company made the vuvuzelas


robzillerrrsss t1_iz4kjr3 wrote

Fun fact, they could have very easily filtered out most of the sound of the vuvuzelas but choose not to. It's just one note so it was super easy. I was in college at the time and I made a simple filter that decreased its level significantly. I believe it was a bflat5 an its harmonics that needed to be filtered out. Never understood why they had it so loud in the broadcast.


MJLDat t1_iz1vcoo wrote

Budweiser didn’t sponsor USA 94? There wasn’t even an alternative beer sponsor. I would have thought that would be the one they would sponsor more.


38384 OP t1_iz1xdfx wrote

>Anheuser-Busch, a Belgian-Brazilian brewing company, is sponsoring the World Cup for more than 30 years. Although their leading brand is Budweiser, the only World Cup they missed since 1986 was the World Cup that took place in United States in 1994.


bblackow t1_iz5ic9n wrote

Ya I’m not too sure about that either. My dad worked for Budweiser in their advertising/events department back then and there was A TON of World Cup gear we had at the house that year. They even had the World Cup on their cans that year. Not sure what you have to do to make a sponsor official but Budweiser was absolutely everywhere for the World Cup in ‘94.


MJLDat t1_iz5nftu wrote

Reading the link someone supplied, it says the official beer sponsor gets exclusive rights to sell beer in the stadiums, maybe there were too many other beer companies already selling in the stadiums to make it practical?


anonkitty2 t1_iz7pw0a wrote

That would be it. Budweiser can't override the preexisting contracts.


kablitzkreig t1_iz45mcz wrote

What is beautiful in this picture someone please explain


BrisPoker314 t1_iz493fl wrote

I like seeing which companies were big during each World Cup, and which ones fell off


mkaszycki81 t1_iz4qjha wrote

But you can't see it here, the data is so disorganized that it's impossible to tell at first glance.


vergrim8 t1_iz3igf3 wrote

Now how many of those are actually owned by the same parent companies?


t-sme t1_iz7eped wrote

Yeah that was my question regarding Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, Pontiac being listed separately in 1994. At that time all of those brands were owned by General Motors


Simple-Pea3178 t1_iz2xro2 wrote

McDonald’s been vibing since 1994 didn’t even know they liked soccer


DanteInferno2142 t1_iz3zegi wrote

I mean, like or not being on display at biggest sport event in world is good for business.


Ffishsticks t1_iz4102s wrote

Most of the world likes football and McDonald's has restaurants in about 120 countries


gitty7456 t1_iz46kqg wrote

In 2006 Fujifilm stopped being relevant.

Damn unplanned digitalization.


m3g6w2 t1_iz4a4g8 wrote

The x100 series came out in 2010, they knew they didn’t need to advertise at the World Cup any more as those cameras are amazing.


teambob t1_iz48j2q wrote

Used to work for Avaya. The company is still around but it doesn't have the cash to pay for sponsoring things any more


Zac_D6 t1_iz47f8e wrote

Wtf is Mahindra doing in a football World Cup


katspike t1_iz4lw31 wrote

It's a pity this wasn't arranged more consistently to identify trends, i.e. title at the top followed by one column with sponsors grouped in sub-columns by sector, eg. alcohol & tobacco | confectionary & fast food | energy & automotive | electronics | cosmetic & other


axemtl54 t1_iz3dpsb wrote

Interesting to see that sport event are the best places to sell anything but sport related products


PuffinChaos t1_iz3qbdf wrote

Budweiser sponsored every year expect Spain in 1982 and (bizarrely) the United States in 1994.


The-WildInfernos t1_iz3rcuu wrote

Nothing too suspicious. The is as sketchy as it can get.

This is nothing compared to F1 sponsorships.

cough Rich Energy cough


Mowensworld t1_iz4defq wrote

Why did Gillette drop off having their brand closely associated with world wide sporting?


t-sme t1_iz7ewiq wrote

They still sponsor Gillette Stadium, so probably related to that


anonkitty2 t1_iz7qmyw wrote

The timing suggests the Great Recession of 2008-2009.


SurviveYourAdults t1_iz7gxkh wrote

Coke would have been able to pull one hell of a marketing move to actively choose NOT to sponsor... but they did NOT.


axemtl54 t1_iz3di6z wrote

Adidas is the only sponsor who “make sense” I mean directly related to … sport


katycake t1_iz42zn5 wrote

The World Cup is only hosted every 4 years? I thought this was an annual thing.