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Disastrous-Year571 t1_izewp2l wrote

Texas not happy to lose a couple of counties to Mexico, jury in Montana and North Dakota is still out on ceding a few counties to Canada 😉


michigician OP t1_izetl66 wrote

Source: Tools: QGIS, Libreoffice Calc


Hascus t1_izf46m2 wrote

So basically no change in the most expensive markets


Fivethenoname t1_izhe9bw wrote

This is what happens when people think they can take advantage of big market swings. The system is a joke. Everybody who owned property tried to sell in response to a spike based on speculation and all it's done is derail people's lives and hand more real estate over to corporations.


Scorpions99 t1_izeztq2 wrote

Lower Michigan and Arizona look relatively stable.


tsunamisurfer t1_izfbnh7 wrote

There was insane growth from Nov 2021 to ~August 2022, and from August to November 2022 we have had some degree of decline, but not much in comparison. So, i'm unsurprised by the sea of red/orange/yellow here.