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phdoofus t1_izpf92y wrote

Another bot plot showing something that could have been stopped in the first column.


amcareddit t1_izrh8pm wrote

Which branch is money spent buying planes?


dml997 t1_izs3p8t wrote

This made me curious; small depreciation and no lease fees for airplanes, so I looked a bit.

They have $2126M in airplanes, so obviously they depreciate very little. But their net earnings are not even 1.5% of the value of the airplanes.

Better to sell the planes, fire everyone, and stick that money in a bond.


savbh t1_iznef2h wrote

Why would they even have a cargo branche?


feuerwehrmann t1_iznfvjx wrote

I think cargo is when there is extra space on a plane they will load cargo


Kickstand8604 t1_izqonk1 wrote

You have to remember that the basics of making money with airplanes is to fill every space with cargo, as long as the plane can still get off the ground. Its common for airlines to do some cargo for mail.


feuerwehrmann t1_izqp7hy wrote

just like trains when they were the preferred method of transit


SirWitzig t1_izpgm26 wrote

This isn't how Southwest makes money - this is how they spend the money they make.


st4n13l t1_izpy94k wrote

It's both...thus the post title


SirWitzig t1_izs12fo wrote

Not really. It doesn't break down what they actually sold. How much of that is tickets, how much is fees, additional services etc.? And where do the "other" $500M come from?


dragonhold24 t1_izrt486 wrote

Net Profit is only 4.4% of the Revenue
It's fascinating how some of these companies are still running.