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FalseEEngineer t1_j02zcso wrote

Maybe some correlation, but would make a stronger attempt at a point if you overlaid it with some relevant index fund to show that it's not just following larger market trends.


SHDrivesOnTrack t1_j03zmfy wrote


Blake_56 t1_j04m8np wrote

Its benchmark would be NDX


WiseBeginning t1_j0577z8 wrote

But even the sp500 kind of shows it as exaggerating the market as a whole, all except the last bit there where it really tanks


SHDrivesOnTrack t1_j05di13 wrote

Here you go. Tesla, NDX and SP500


n_s_y t1_j05grp2 wrote

So just following the general market then


Spillz-2011 t1_j05ivod wrote

What do you mean Tesla is down 80% more than the ndx this year.

So in the sense of both down then yes.


[deleted] t1_j05k82x wrote



Spillz-2011 t1_j0779jk wrote

That’s clearly false. Since musk took over Twitter Tesla is down like 20% and the market is up


YoungBumi t1_j05ikbp wrote

This reply needs more upvote. Too much reading the tea leaves going around and not enough big picture perspective.


Know_Your_Rites t1_j08g551 wrote

The last couple months are a pretty clear, and pretty dire, deviation from the market.

S&P is down 15% on the year. NDX is down 27%. TSLA is down 50%.


CyberianK t1_j069uwd wrote

It looks like its following market trend for all changes except those in recent weeks.


HeartbrokenFitNerd t1_j031h1z wrote

Agreed. Came here to say same thing - OP should decorrelate it with respect to major indices first. Given the massive drop over the course of this year and based on what I'm seeing here, I'm guessing the result will be either underwhelming or maybe even demonstrate general growth


DividedState t1_j05uhaj wrote

The question would be how much of Tesla makes that index, too.


weluckyfew t1_j02nt1c wrote

I'm very curious to see their sales figures for the past few months - I have to think that owning a Tesla is rapidly becoming far less chic (not to mention all the new EVs on the horizon from everyone else)


gza_liquidswords t1_j058eue wrote

The more important point is that Tesla is not valued as an electric car company. This valuation might be $60-120B depending at most. Tesla's inflated valuation (was up to $1.2 trillion at one point!) is as a "tech" company, and that genius Elon will transform the world with his latest brilliant idea to make humanoid vacuum cleaners or whatever.


between_two_cities t1_j06kmfr wrote

To be fair, turning the existing Tesla car-fleet into autonomous taxis that their owners can rent (with Tesla getting a cut) would be pretty revolutionary.

Sadly, seems like this is far from reality.


gza_liquidswords t1_j06m3j0 wrote

I think not only if is far from reality, but it also never made sense why Tesla and Tesla alone would be able to pull this off. The answer is the myth of Elon the genius, who would somehow single handily pull off what many companies are trying to accomplish. In any case I think it slowly starting to "sink" in to most people that Elon is not a genius


between_two_cities t1_j06mer7 wrote

Because it is a tech company. They offer tech company salaries to AI researchers. Compared with that, VW offered me something like 45k USD per year in my Central European country.

This service is not even of VW's radar.

There is only Tesla and Waymo who are even remotely near this goal.


334578theo t1_j04z7xw wrote

Probably just me but everyone time I see someone driving a Tesla I roll my eyes. It’s the ultimate signal of being a bit of a muppet. Similar to wearing Balenciaga clothes.

Yep knew it was just me


nova9001 t1_j053pcn wrote

They are still dominant but losing market share because of all the new competition. In China, they used to be the no 1 EV seller but they are now no 2 and have to offer discounts to get their cars out the door. Not a good sign.

In US, Tesla is still very dominant and their 2 closest competitors, Ford and Hyundai far behind.


rhiever t1_j03nuib wrote

Teslas still dominate the EV market.


weluckyfew t1_j03vags wrote

The share is shrinking (but still high) - let's see where it stands in a year.


Stribband t1_j05uqww wrote

Share doesn’t matter sales do. Tesla still breaks records each quarter.


Thialase t1_j04vepc wrote

sure perhaps now, but with time I don't think that'll be the case. Won't pretend like I know everything. But from the way I see things, in the U.S it's mostly left leaning people who want EV's badly. I'm sure rich right-wing people would buy them too, but right-wing people don't really buy into the whole EV / climate friendly aspect of things.

What I'm trying to say is, with the way musk has been behaving "lately", I think it's going to put off a lot of the people who'd normally want a tesla and make them buy something else, as they don't want to support musk. That, along with other companies making nice EVs are going to eat into their market share.

But hey I could be wrong and be talking out of my ass. Just saying what I think is going to happen.


ChlorineQueen t1_j055sf8 wrote

Rich right wing people buy trucks


Fearless_Entry_2626 t1_j061u65 wrote

Isn't driving drucks outside of work situations seen as tacky over there?


SolumRasa t1_j06puo6 wrote

If you mean in the US, no. I mean some think that, but the majority don’t think it’s tacky. They just don’t care or are the ones driving them lol


svaerde t1_j04b1ix wrote

The EV market is projected to grow from 800k/yr in 2022 to 4.8 million EVs in 2030 (US only). Even if the market share halves that’s still 3x 2022 sales. At the moment there is a huge supply shortage for EVs. Not sure how it is in the US but 12-18 months is considered a normal delivery time for a KIA/VW/Mercedes EVs in Europe. The only company able to deliver is Tesla with 2-6 month delivery times. That is due to scale, supply chain efficiency and vertical integration. Then you also need to consider that other manufacturers are selling at cost/loss whilst Tesla has a 30% margin on its cars which is huge in the auto industry.


Bewaretheicespiders t1_j03h29k wrote

> I have to think that owning a Tesla is rapidly becoming far less chic

You have to get off reddit a bit more.


weluckyfew t1_j03jhql wrote

Spare me your ignorant patronizing - Musk wanted to make Tesla synonymous with himself, and now its fortunes are tied to his. If you don't think a lot of public opinion has soured on him you're not paying attention. His flailing with Twitter has become a national joke, and his actions (reinstating Trump, firing half the staff, tone-deaf statements) have taken away a lot of his luster.


sleeknub t1_j049lxd wrote

“Flailing” with Twitter? What flailing? And it’s not a national joke… where do you get that?

Tesla is doing absolutely fine when it comes to sales.


Bewaretheicespiders t1_j03p8rc wrote

No yeah, that rant clearly mark you up as level headed and well adjusted and not a little obsessed with whatever the latest reddit circlejerk is /s


weluckyfew t1_j03v6un wrote

Wow. Are you so deep into the Musk cult that statements like "a lot of public opinion has soured on him" and "his actions have taken away a lot of his luster" qualify as a "rant"?

Dude, he's literally the butt of jokes on late night monologues now.


weluckyfew t1_j03wgbv wrote

lol just read that your GodKing is now promoting Qanon and is yet again accusing someone he disagrees with of being a pedophile forcing an innocent man into hiding after death threats.

But ya, it's crazy to think people would start to lose respect for him -


Bulky_Researcher226 t1_j03xwru wrote

Did you even read the article before referencing it?? That is the weakest article I’ve ever seen. I disagree with Musk on shit but saying that he promotes Qanon because he quoted the matrix is terrible journalism. To be fair, it’s par for the course for Reddit


weluckyfew t1_j03zxxx wrote

It's been a Qanon phrase for years ( here's 2018, and 2017 and white rabbit themed Qanon merch )- as Musk would know - and certainly the Qanon crowd thinks it was a wink to them. Add that to Musk's "Twittergate" conspiracy nonsense, a penchant for screaming "pedophile!" at his opponents, reinstating the accounts of Qanon folks, the Fauci conspiracy nonsense...


bergercreek t1_j046upd wrote

Yeah, dude. You really oughta get off reddit more.


Good_old_Marshmallow t1_j04m58l wrote

To be fair your CEO announcing he’s taking on a very demanding and publicly detrimental CEO of a completely unrelated company should in theoretical conditions negatively impact the stock price


nova9001 t1_j052ylf wrote

Also spending most of his time at Twitter while Tesla is facing more competition.


supified t1_j05ame5 wrote

Also spending all his time tweeting while in theory the ceo of five companies. So either the laziest ceo in history or a fake ceo.


nova9001 t1_j05asmt wrote

I like to bash him but there's no way Tesla or SpaceX would have been what they are today without him.

However, it doesn't mean he can't make mistakes and Twitter is just the prime example of it.


NrdNabSen t1_j05m0at wrote

Can't say this with certainty. But Tesla and SpaceX could sell the vision of being the first successful electric car company and commercial space venture, respectively, to employees. People who cared about those ideas would more likely tolerate a shitty CEO because they believed in the mission of the company. Not sure Twitter has that same greater purpose to overcome his fuckwittery. Especially since his fuckwittery often runs counter to what Twitter was before he took over.


supified t1_j05bd0c wrote

Perhaps he has some talent somewhere that helped those companies be successful (though we can't discount engineers and scientists working there).

And perhaps the success and people calling him a genius went to his head and he believed it that he could do no wrong, so he started making increasingly dumb moves and failing harder and harder, but because he's been successful he's incapable of seeing his own failures and so he just gets more and more out of control.

In the end he's remembered more for his failings than his successes.

At least that's the trajectory I see.


Spillz-2011 t1_j05j7dp wrote

What does “where they are mean” in this context?


anonkitty2 t1_j05v3s8 wrote

Without Tesla, the electric car might still be all but nonexistent; the oil companies could have stifled them indefinitely. Without SpaceX, America would not currently have a space program that includes manned missions it launches. His products are still flawed, but Musk and cos. got them off the drawing boards and helped show there was a market for them.


Spillz-2011 t1_j075u20 wrote

Sure but Tesla and using lithium ion batteries for evs wasn’t his idea so musk wasn’t in any way necessary for that to happen


anonkitty2 t1_j08tesz wrote

No. Musk wasn't necessary. But he was helpful. He was a little like Harold Hill in "The Music Man."


Spillz-2011 t1_j08vgnn wrote

Was he though? they already had the idea, the contacts, the prototype, the lithium battery expertise. They brought him in to help with funding and he decided he would put in his money and take over the company and force them out. He complained that they set up the production line for the 3 wrong and almost caused bankruptcy, but that was after he forced them out. He set up a horrible process then wants everyone to congratulate him for fixing the mess he created.


anonkitty2 t1_j0avur5 wrote

Oh. There wasn't much publicity for Tesla, to my knowledge, before Musk came. Musk really is like Harold Hill. Hill successfully created a market for brass bands but would include as a critical part non-working music lessons, and then jump ship just before it could be proven they didn't work. When Tesla reached public awareness, expectations for electric cars were so low that Teslas still met them. (I have a relation who still believes electric cars can't go farther than 40 miles a charge, like the ones GM leased and lost in the early 2000s.)


Fearless_Entry_2626 t1_j061h4q wrote

Tweeting can be an important part of the job, to generate hype around hos product. Why he'd go publicly hard right while CEO of a car company so popular with libs I can never understand though...


sihtydaernacuoytihsy t1_j03sua7 wrote

What is this, r/Data_with_no_control_and_misleadingly_shortened_y_axes?

Elon's shown himself to be a a weird Q-adjacent redpill troll, but that doesn't excuse OP's misleading data visualization.


datawazo OP t1_j03tuf6 wrote

The y axis is the default from searching tesla stock on Google but valid point.


stu54 t1_j04e87y wrote

The y axis is clearly labeled. Stretching the "interesting part" of a graph to fill the maximum space is the best practice.


TywinASOIAF t1_j04i0v7 wrote

It makes the drop bigger than it is. This doesnt look like a 50% drop in graph


stu54 t1_j04w60c wrote

If you don't look at the axis labels you are at fault for any misunderstanding.


Ponicrat t1_j03dbc4 wrote

Imagine going out of your way to piss off liberals when you sell electric cars and solar panels.


Spillz-2011 t1_j045eih wrote

I mean he’s gutted the solar side. He just needed investors to bail out his tanking company


kickme2 t1_j03teu6 wrote

Serious question... Are you as likely to consider a Tesla purchase now that Musk began showcasing himself and his management style to the degree he has in the past few months?


Additional-Local8721 t1_j04ptlc wrote

I've been following Tesla since all they had was the Roadster and before Musk existed with Telsa. I always dreamed of buying one for myself, and I'm getting to the point where I might be able to afford an EV in the next 2 - 4 years. However, because of Musk, I will never buy a Tesla. There are plenty of other companies that will have EVs by the time I buy one.


BrisPoker314 t1_j059ahw wrote

Pretty ironic though that the competition will have viable electric vehicles because of Musk lol


GodzillaTomatillo t1_j04xqsc wrote

Even if I didn’t hate his politics, his absolute incompetence at Twitter has me not willing to go anywhere near a Tesla.


Halicadd t1_j04m1h1 wrote

I guess Bill Gates was right to short it 😂


ParkingRelation6306 t1_j059zjn wrote

It was overvalued before any twitter talk. Sell now before it gets worse.


bigorangemachine t1_j04mun9 wrote

I wish this would overlap with short interest :(


bnetimeslovesreddit t1_j054uqc wrote

First ceo of tesla leaves and elon hasn’t communicated tesla is in good hands to investors


AbsentThatDay t1_j059u1h wrote

I can't stand more Elon and Twitter news in my feed, there's got to be a way to stop it. Downvoting isn't working, please call 911.


Cyber_Druid t1_j05e95w wrote

I mistook tesla for Chevy for a second, cause that stock is dropping like a rock.


jrm19941994 t1_j074lj7 wrote

I would say its more due to general recession fears, inflation, and energy prices increasing so much that its becoming too costly to make electric car batteries. Also Tesla is correcting after the euphoria of the Covid boom.

For what is worth Musk has already made twitter profitable, it seems he is doing good work there.


Dyslexidit t1_j074vzu wrote

I really don’t understand the stock market but I understand cars and Teslas are just horribly built.


nim_opet t1_j07dmfe wrote

If Tesla had reasonable shareholders, there would be a couple of lawsuits already


datawazo OP t1_j02l03m wrote

Stock trends from google, dates from Wikipedia.


Bran_prat t1_j04s4mc wrote

I wonder how much Bill Gates ended up making.


Karnezar t1_j04vmi0 wrote

Even if Tesla came back, I don't think I'm getting my funds back. I'm down 14k now...


Bewaretheicespiders t1_j035h9p wrote

This is basically the Nasdaq during this time period.


TheeJackSparrow t1_j047epq wrote

Starting from the Twitter announcement on April 14 - the Nasdaq is down 16%. Tesla is down 51% for the same period. I'm going to have to boo your comment like when 18,000 people booed that dork hanging out with Chappelle the other night.


Spillz-2011 t1_j0458qd wrote

I mean yes if the nas fell 80% farther than it actually did.


ToddHLaew t1_j04lf2u wrote

I set up a purchase of $10,000 of stock when it hits $140.


Additional-Local8721 t1_j04pit3 wrote

Wouldn't be surprised if that happens 1Q. Hope you're hedging with something.


ToddHLaew t1_j04xios wrote

Of course, I did my research. Plus my son gets a 15% discount on stocks since he works there. Tesla cars run on a 15% margin. All other EV car makers run at 7% or less. Tesla stock was overpriced, he even said so. The stock is currently driven down by his purchase of Twitter. This helps artificially drive the stock down.


gza_liquidswords t1_j058s44 wrote

Even at $140 this puts Tesla valuation over $400 Billion. Tesla is worth at most $60-120Billion as an electric car company.


Additional-Local8721 t1_j06l012 wrote

So your son has an ESOP I'm assuming? A company can't legally sell shares of stock at a discount publicly. Your son would be the owner of the shares, not you. Either way, best of luck to you. If you're looking for other investments, check out the MJ index.