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kalod9 t1_j084e6j wrote

Turkey's rise to producing more than double the next highest producer seems more impressive.


Primordial_Snake t1_j0946jl wrote

Data is clearly cherry picked

I'll see myself out


BrilliantCertain9484 t1_j0bq2ll wrote

I'm looking at the chart above which lists only five countries. I guess you're looking at something different since you're referring to countries not on the chart: Iran and Russia.


Primordial_Snake t1_j0hfv4k wrote

Woosh I guess? I don't get it. I was making a pun about the subject of the data.


latinometrics OP t1_j084wbv wrote

From our newsletter:

What has caused this production increase? In short: demand from China. Nowadays, China buys around 91% of all cherry exports from Chile. Chile's cherry harvest happens just before the Chinese new year; therefore, cherries have become a popular gift in China, culturally considered a symbol of prosperity. The fruit is marketed as something close to luxury and packed in elegant 5 kg boxes in the Chinese market.

Furthermore, two things have also facilitated such prosperity in the Chilean cherry industry: strong government support and a recent influx of labor. In 2005, the government established a free trade agreement with China (now its largest export partner, ahead of the US), eliminating trade barriers between the two countries. Wisely, they've also set rigorous production standards, ensuring exported cherries are of the highest quality.

On the other hand, cherry plantations require a large amount of field labor, which the country has found in the roughly 700K immigrants that arrived in Chile between 2015 and 2017. These immigrants, mainly from Haiti and Venezuela, have driven labor costs down in the industry and allowed it to keep growing quickly.

Although presented with pandemic-related challenges lately, the cherry industry is quickly becoming a crucial component of Chile's trade. It diversifies exports from a historical overreliance on copper, which accounts for roughly half of its exports.

Source: Our World in Data
Tools: Rawgraphs, Affinity Designer, Sheets


kuroikururo t1_j08xsh0 wrote

Fun fact, now is the cherry's season and you can hardly seen then on stores or in the market, everything goes abroad, we only se the rejected ugly fruit (still tasty and good).


EpsomHorse t1_j09tg6g wrote

> These immigrants, mainly from Haiti and Venezuela, have driven labor costs down...

Interesting. We always hear that those who oppose more immigration or want less of it do so because they're racists or xenophobes. Turns out they just don't want to be driven into poverty and/or unemployment.


Nmaka t1_j0boefw wrote

a) youre wrong in general

b) if you were right, you would still be wrong. it would be your boss' fault you got laid off, not the immigrants'


EpsomHorse t1_j0cok6b wrote

> a) youre wrong in general

The article says I'm right as rain. Do you happen to have some proof of your opinion, because "youre [sic] wrong" doesn't really cut it.

> b) if you were right, you would still be wrong. it would be your boss' fault you got laid off, not the immigrants'

I never said it was the fault of the immigrants. It's the fault of immigration. Not the same thing.


what_comes_after_q t1_j09j4p9 wrote

From…. Number 4. Moving from the number 4 to 3 spot isn’t exactly a monumental shift. The bigger story is Turkey absolutely slaying the cherry market.


Icagel t1_j09qyuw wrote

They were number eight four years ago, weren't even in the top 5 2019, what are your sources for saying they were number 4 lol

Turkey has a steady ~3.68% average growth per year 2016-2021, Chile had a ~20,08% average growth in that period, way more impressive in terms of development, but of course Turkey is still going to be #1 for a long time since they have such a developed industry already.


what_comes_after_q t1_j09roxa wrote

My source is the chart. Literally it shows moving from 4 to 3. If this chart isn’t capturing it went from 8 to 3, then this isn’t beautiful data.


Icagel t1_j09sutx wrote

At first I thought the chart just lacked countries that aren't top 4 currently, but apparently whoever made it just picked some very random countries to add to the comparison since Italy's not even in the top 5 and Uzbekistan is very arguably in it up to 2020.

I agree this isn't really beautiful data, but also you shouldn't just trust a graph that only shows 4 data points, obvs there were more countries not pictured.


what_comes_after_q t1_j09vww2 wrote

This subreddit is literally about data representation, not about the content itself. This isn't about trusting data.


SumerianProgRocker t1_j0842cr wrote

They'll never catch Kazakhstan on potassium!!!


Dud3ManGuyMan t1_j08l6b6 wrote

Watch out for asshole Uzbekistan, they'll sneak right up behind you and pop your rear cherry!


schlitz91 t1_j08slhd wrote

Italy is like “We got some cherries. You want some? They are over there.”


EpsomHorse t1_j09tlx1 wrote

> Italy is like “We got some cherries. You want some? They are over there.”

Calm down, Padre.


CrookedRainCR t1_j098hby wrote

Holy shit! The graph shows that they went from 4th to 3rd in about 14 years. AMAZING


Icagel t1_j09q9ne wrote

They weren't even top seven 5 years ago, wtf are you talking about lol


daphnie3 t1_j0a2uro wrote

5 years ago it looks like they were #4, just below the Uzbeks and just above Italy.


Icagel t1_j0a7bmw wrote

Uzbekistan was the 5th largest producer of the world 5 years ago, by being "under the Uzbeks" they couldn't be top 4 because, intrinsically, they were also under Russia, Iran, Ukraine, and Italy depending on the semester.

(on 2017 they Chile was exactly 7th though so my bad on that part)


daphnie3 t1_j0bbrmk wrote

Ah. I see the problem. I am looking at the chart above which lists just five countries. You are looking at something different I guess since you are mentioning countries not in the chart: Iran and Russia.

So the chart above and what is in Wikipedia are from two different and conflicting sources.


WhoDatBoi216 t1_j0ak568 wrote

we're the best country of Chile


EnvironmentalSound25 t1_j0a6x90 wrote

Italy be like “we are quite content with the quantity of our current cherry production.”


danidr t1_j0b7thu wrote

Italy’s so packed already, there’s little margin of growth if you’re basically tied to land surface to increase production.


magnesiumb t1_j084tml wrote

Of all your graphics, not sure what the point of this one is. 😂 The others have a more of a narrative component to them (crime reduction, for instance). Is there something noteworthy about producing cherries? Chile is the top copper producer in the world.


Gatorinnc t1_j0a7ite wrote

Where is the love for Turkey?


ripjesus t1_j09arbb wrote

I’ve seen the cherry..groves ? Driving north of Los Angeles. It’s incredible to think turkey produces a crap load more than USA


ghostoutlaw t1_j0aj4n8 wrote

Fun fact: for the most part, the USA could be the number one producer in the world for basically anything we want to.

We don’t because we write laws that force us to dump milk down the drain if we the price goes to low or burn crops if we over produce. The ironic part there is we can actually predict these events in advance with relative accuracy to be able to prepare more effectively to ship these goods further to maintain price but help with global supply. If you ever need more evidence people should not rule over others, this is it. Instead of being able to sell milk for money, our laws make us dump it down the drain.


AntiKouk t1_j0bjvnm wrote

Not unique event tbf, in Greece I know of a lot of cases of the farmers dumping shit ton of produce for price regulation


ghostoutlaw t1_j0blfl8 wrote

Yup! Happens everywhere. Other countries are more centrally planned than the US, so I expect that. The fact that the US still does it in 2022 blows my Mind.


[deleted] t1_j098q2d wrote

sadly chile is last in chile production.


thehourglasses t1_j08m834 wrote

Probably won’t last long.

Moreover, it’s pretty fucking wicked to profit from the export of a critical resource like water. And yes, any agricultural exports are effectively exporting water.

Global food exports really need to go away. Local production needs to be the dominant mode.


mystlurker t1_j08qv8n wrote

Pretty similar to the western US (particularly California and Arizona) growing the water heavy crops mostly for export (to China). In particular almonds and alfalfa stand out as crops primarily grown for export but are extremely water intensive.

The western US has been in a similar drought to Chile for the past few years (its second major drought in the last decade, though it’s all probably one big drought). Have to imagine they are related.


MrOrbicular t1_j09rhos wrote

We knew it could happen and it has actually been happening since the 10's at least, but nothing changes really. So I'm doubting it won't last long.


spongebobama t1_j0b80p6 wrote

Chile is quietly sorting their shit and becoming an island in latam. I cheer for our dear neighbors-notneighbors


Ben_Stein69 t1_j08tog1 wrote

"Fuck you Italy! Eat a dick Uzbekistan. There's a new Cherry Bronze medalist in town, bitches!"


Bro_tosynthesis t1_j095euy wrote

Your country must be named after another food if you want to produce cherries.


HalJordan2424 t1_j09y4gd wrote

Why can’t Canadians get cherries year round at our grocery stores, as we do grapes or strawberries?


ThatGIRLkimT t1_j09zd1d wrote

That's interesting! I love cherries.


viktor72 t1_j0a4god wrote

Northern Michigan and Wisconsin are well known for cherries but I don’t know if they grow enough to make a difference in our volume. I’m guessing like most things the majority of cherries are grown in California.


ibetternotbedead t1_j0agb4z wrote

I remember reading somewhere they helped normalize foreign South American wine, same as Argentina, in order to grow exports due to unstable domestic economies. I wonder if this has something to do with that


Starkydowns t1_j08lns7 wrote

Now do a graph for the top 3 chili producers


Bilautaa t1_j0b7fbe wrote

I live in the “Cherry Capitol of the World” (Cherry festivals every year, everything here is cherry) but we were just surpassed by Turkey :(