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Angrmgnt t1_j2dm4wh wrote

With no bears listed for Wyoming, it brings the whole data package into question.


PhyneasPhysicsPhrog t1_j2dpz62 wrote

Yeah, there’s 600 grizzly bears in Yellowstone alone.


Section_Hiker t1_j2dqe52 wrote

Population The estimated Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem grizzly bear population increased from 136 in 1975 to a peak of 757 (estimated) in 2014. The 2019 population estimate is 728 bears. Latest is close to 1,000


PhyneasPhysicsPhrog t1_j2dqmjl wrote

That’s what I get for using the google auto answer. You’re right dude! 🐻🐻🐻🐻


fosburyflop t1_j2drj5v wrote

Yeah, and there are zero wild bears in South Dakota, let alone 1,100. There's occasionally one that wanders in from surrounding states, but there hasn't been a permanent population in over a century. I'm guessing the data on other states is way off as well.

One of the worst infographics I've ever seen on this subreddit.


WhenPantsAttack t1_j2dvr8v wrote

The number of bears is South Dakota is much too high, but the Black Hills Nations Forest does have a semi-permanent black bear population in recent years.


fosburyflop t1_j2dvtsa wrote

No they don't, show me a source that says otherwise.

Edit: Unless you mean 10-15 sightings a year of probably the same black bear constitutes a "semi-permanent" population.


WhenPantsAttack t1_j2dyezd wrote

You're right. They have yet to confirm a breeding population, but sightings have gone from nonexistent 20 years ago, to 15 a year in populated areas and have been confirmed to be multiple bears. I'd say 10-15 yearly sightings of confirmed multiple bears in populated areas, constitutes a semi-permanent (I specifically didn't say permanent) population. That's to mention that the Game and Fish really isn't actively monitoring them and there's a lot of open space in area. Heck, even the SD Game and Fish has active warnings and instructions for what to do in case of the black bear sighting. Compare to ND that might have one sighting every two years.


fosburyflop t1_j2e0ifd wrote

Ok now we're just arguing semantics. Yes, there probably are one or two black bears currently living in South Dakota; whether you want to call that a semi-permanent population is up to you.

Doesn't change the fact that the OP's data is completely laughable to anyone who's spent time outdoors in Wyoming or South Dakota, which is the real issue here.


cavscout43 t1_j2dtfhp wrote

Yeahhh. Very much bear country in all the national forests here.

Even easy hikes along the edges of Medicine Bow are riddled with aspens covered in bear claw scoring. And those are like 5 miles from the nearest towns, not at all remote.


gogogiraffes t1_j2dqilf wrote

In the bottom left hand corner it seems to mention something about 1 million people. I think all of those states are greyed out.


markth_wi t1_j2dvf9g wrote

It's probably cobbled together from various incongruent data sources. I'm sure Germany and Wyoming have such databases, but getting them is probably not the easiest thing.


VelcroSea t1_j2dsxlu wrote

Wyoming. Didn't they have a grizzly bear artificial insemination team a few years back? 🤔 :😀


johndepp22 t1_j2dlt3h wrote

I have photographed a wild bear in Wyoming. even the source you posted cites ‘unknown’, not zero


KiwiAssassinator t1_j2dobgg wrote

Aside from the incomplete data (Wyoming has many bears, and I'm sure those other 0 states/countries have a few at least), and the questionable classification (what does organizing this by state/country tell you about bear habitats?) this graphic is a mess. Too much information, and poorly organized. You don't know where to look - it has no focus. Classic example of a meaningless data vomit. Keep trying though.


patuzzoz t1_j2dmy1d wrote

Can we stop showing geographical data from Europe only including the European Union?

(the data source only shows EU I know)


jonny24eh t1_j2dvep8 wrote

I agree. So few countries aren't part of it, you might as well show all of it so there aren't random holes. And I can't imagine many people care about political alliances when looking at stuff like bears.


racooncubbler t1_j2do1pm wrote

This is weird, you left out the big dogs (bears) in this graphic, Canada and Russia.


wrwyo t1_j2dlpsn wrote

I love the bears at that big zoo they call Yellowstone.


CDawgbmmrgr2 t1_j2dn1bp wrote

The 0 states with neighbors of 10,000+ are interesting. Like no bears have ventured across the state line?


WhenPantsAttack t1_j2dwmvw wrote

Former North Dakota resident here. Bears are typically found in Forests and Mountains. States like ND are flat prairies and don't have the shelter they are used to, and are almost entirely farm/ranch land so don't have the food they are looking for. Yes, you might get one wander in, but its naturally pushed back and not a permanent population. It's the same with many of the other plains states. The one outlier I am suspicious of is Colorado. They don't have as many forests and foot lands leading up the mountains as other mountainous states, but it seems like at least a decent habitat that could house a permanent population.


KillerHoudini t1_j2e51mg wrote

As a member of the state of Delaware we have bear. His name is Delabear.


DaddyBobMN t1_j2dqkn0 wrote

Incomplete data is incomplete


richard-cumerford t1_j2dsrer wrote

Illinois: we don’t have any bears. Anyways what should we name our football team?


CnCPParks1798 t1_j2do17p wrote

I'm pretty sure Norway/Sweden have polar bears


dinoilb t1_j2drrjq wrote

Sweden does not have Polar bears. They don't live in Scandinavia. Norway has Polar bears but only in Svalbard.


manchot_argonaut t1_j2du2e8 wrote

But the numbers listed in the graphic for Norway are also way off....


dinoilb t1_j2duhxv wrote

I think a lot of the numbers are way off. Not only for Norway


gratisargott t1_j2dvmma wrote

Pretty sure? The common joke about foreigners who don’t know anything about Sweden is “I bet you think polar bears walk on the street here”.

There are none of them in neither mainland Norway nor in Sweden or Finland.


WalstibInBelgium t1_j2dug7c wrote

I dont think the polar bears would want to join the EU either.


mostaranto t1_j2dm1fh wrote

Super interesting, though slightly incomplete: Wyoming & Colorado do have bears.


Seattle7 t1_j2dr0ba wrote

Yeah those bears are tourists, they are residents of other states because WY and CO have not allowed for bears to declare residency. Luckily park rangers in both states have decided to overlook bears overstaying their visit.


tangogogo t1_j2dvv8l wrote

colorado is listed as having 16,000 bears, that number is probably off but yes we have bears. wyoming is just embarrassingly incorrect.


secondarycontrol t1_j2dm4yb wrote

I've got black bears walking through my yard. Wolves, too - Minnesota


underlander t1_j2dr8s9 wrote

this is just a fancy table. The point of a table is to display all information with granularity. The point of a data visualization is to summarize information simply. If you need to write the value on every entity, then why use a color coded scale at all? Additionally, your legend is bonkers huge compared to the visualization itself. Look at how small the map is compared to the total frame of the image. And why do we give a shit about some of the information you’ve annotated? I don’t care about European population or the flag of Guam if they’re not on the chart.

What I don’t understand is how you’ve made 80 of these bear turds and never, ever, ever listened to feedback. Normally it’s a “practice makes perfect” kinda thing where people get better over time. Somebody could come back and look at this a few visualizations later and realize it’s an eyesore because they’ve got more experience under their belt. But not you. You’ll hover at this amateur level forever. And that sounds like hell to me


42Cobras t1_j2dtwhv wrote

Wow, man. Constructive criticism is one thing, but this is just plain rude.


miketythhon t1_j2du6kp wrote

Ya I dunno who came up with this but this data doesn’t exist. It’s really hard to even make a reasonable guess about these numbers and it’s deceptive to present them as factual data. Second, Wyoming obviously has a lot of bears both grizzly and black.


mkaszycki81 t1_j2duhy4 wrote

EU data is from 2008... Enough said.

In Poland, there's currently 150 brown bears (up from 80). WWF hasn't updated their data and still they say there's 110.


PchamTaczke t1_j2e6roi wrote

A Niemcy okrągłe zero, jak tam somsiedzie?


mkaszycki81 t1_j2elwzu wrote

W Niemczech wymarły 150 lat temu. Obecnie są prowadzone przymiarki do reintrodukcji, ale nie ma ostatecznej decyzji co do kształtu tych działań.


mywifemademegetthis t1_j2dr0zm wrote

Crazy that Florida has more bears than almost any country in Europe.


ononis_rentonarensis t1_j2dt8dm wrote

Spain has around 400 brown bears right now, never had as few as 27...


Shuppilubiuma t1_j2dv8df wrote

France and Spain have wild bears. There are over 300 Cantabrian brown bears in the Picos de Europa park in Spain alone.


ChainmailleAddict t1_j2dq3pv wrote

"Why doesn't Alaska want gun control?!"



42Cobras t1_j2du1tt wrote

If I'm not mistaken, there is a town/village in Alaska where it is illegal to lock your car because people have to be able to escape wandering polar bears at a moment's notice.

I do not sign up to live there.


[deleted] t1_j2dvtor wrote



oinklittlepiggy t1_j2dygww wrote

And tons of grizzlies as well.

Saw an absolutely massive one when I was there.. was within 10 yards if us, and it was terrifying.


NxNW78 t1_j2dw52d wrote

Ummmmm, Wyoming has plenty of wild bears. South Dakota not so much. This map is a crock of shit.


El_Carnero_Blanco t1_j2dwa3h wrote

There is nothin’ about this graphic that’s beautiful (oh, and it’s inaccurate).


Hudimir t1_j2dwavg wrote

The EU data is extremely outdated. A lot has changed since 2008. For one i know that Slovenia has more than 1000 wild bears now, and its starting to be a problem, as there was no population control during the pandemic. Also the caption is inaccurate: the data is 2008 and 2022 not from 2008 to 2022...


Whako4 t1_j2dxbax wrote

Yeah wtf I live in Ohio and I’ve seen multiple bears at my house


usedtodothemath t1_j2dysef wrote

Fact: Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.


insultant_ t1_j2dz3yl wrote

This map is inaccurate. There are at least 53 Bears in Illinois, concentrated in the Chicagoland area.


geordiedog t1_j2e17zx wrote

There’s a wall around North Dakota


xaritscin t1_j2ef5bj wrote

Should have put Russia and Canada for comparison 👀


biggerBrisket t1_j2drfe8 wrote

How do gun laws compare with number of bears per capita?


mediumokra t1_j2dtw3k wrote

Well it gives us the right to.... Bear arms.


RTR7105 t1_j2dt80d wrote

Alabama has a lot more bears than that.


Mawijoga t1_j2dtbql wrote

The united kingdom no longer exists in the bear world


hehslop t1_j2dtifo wrote

It would be interesting to see Canada, as Alaska in consideration to land is pretty similar in the northern reaches.


teb_art t1_j2du04s wrote

Good grief! Now, I’m worried about seeing 10,000 bears out my window some morning!


miketythhon t1_j2du9ji wrote

Got a link to the methods?


EnesPig2005 t1_j2dv8kn wrote

Now I wonder how many bears Russia has


Grease__ t1_j2dvff6 wrote

Definitely bears in Serbia and there have been bears in southern illinois


Blackwater-zombie t1_j2dvik2 wrote

I thought black bears were also in Europe! Did they exist at one time or are they strictly an Americas specific species?


StrongeLeeroy t1_j2dvt3w wrote

There are more than 400 grizzlies in Spain alone.


Ohheyivebeenthere t1_j2dvxfk wrote

Why keep Canada (and Mexico for that matter) off the list? It would be of greater value to see a North America stat rather than to compare it to Europe.


AaronBHoltan t1_j2dw3g9 wrote

Is there a bear farm in Wyoming? None of their bears are wild?


miltondelug t1_j2dx52u wrote

bears eat beets. Bears, beets, "Battlestar Galactica."


VioletteKaur t1_j2dxbah wrote

We had one wild bear, and then they killed him. RIP Bruno.


yangsuns t1_j2dxj7v wrote

What are bears doing in Arizona? Aren't they cooler weather animals?


Shishjakob t1_j2dy2rz wrote

This should really be done on a per area basis


Puzzleheaded_Runner t1_j2dyve2 wrote

The UP of Michigan has to be carrying so much for that whole state. You basically have to step over black bears.


NEOsands t1_j2dyxyy wrote

Yea, but how many of those bears are just tourists from Canada?


Bmw-invader t1_j2dyzd5 wrote

I’m from Texas and have never seen a bear here. First bear I saw in the wild was in Monterrey Mexico. I was hiking up in the mountains. It was a small black bear.


death1234567889 t1_j2dzlf1 wrote

Oh it's the guy with the vendetta again. Not afraid to let his map look shit as long as non eu countries are just completely erased. Even though the data is there...


rricenator t1_j2e42f9 wrote

Curious why Wyoming is hiding their bear population. I've backpacked there. 100% bears live in Wyoming. Black and grizzly.


Rat_Salat t1_j2f58ks wrote

Why the hell would you have Alaska and the US but omit where all the bears live in between?


JimmiRustle t1_j2dmyw4 wrote

Alaska has so many bears because it has so few people. Fact.


Clemenx00 t1_j2drpf7 wrote

Western Europe doesn't get enough hate for basically 100% razing out of their nature.


Charming_Scratch_538 t1_j2dnys3 wrote

Having grown up in largely the Appalachian’s I never even considered bears weren’t a constant presence in the whole country. 😂 I’m actually surprised about some of those center states not having bears, though, but I guess it makes sense. The Great Plains.


jemand84 t1_j2dw8rp wrote

Far too dangerous animal to be left alive near humans. 🤷🏼‍♂️