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FarioLimo t1_j0qnw9h wrote

Sounds weird that you separated former Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union, but not West Germany


zekaseh t1_j0spj9w wrote

the federal republic of germany is still the federal republic of germany. the union of soviet socialist republics is not the russian federation.


FarioLimo t1_j0sra0j wrote

East Germany is there at the bottom. West Germany was a totally different country than today's Germany. The point is that fifa appoints a successor for each dead country and that new country owns all the history of the previous one regardless of what you think happened to said country.

Also, England, Wales, Scotland norther Ireland aren't even real countries, so what matters for football is what fifa decided


zekaseh t1_j0tqgho wrote

before the unification, we germans called our country "brd" and east germany "ddr". and right now, we only have "brd". so thats the same as west germany. current germany is west germany.


Similar_Expression_7 t1_j0vq10g wrote

I know it's not you, it's the official German point of view, but how can it be BOTH a unification and the same country as before?

If it was the same country all the time, it should be called annexation, right?


zekaseh t1_j0vrd1o wrote

yes. i actually think its more like a annexation than a unification.


waszumfickleseich t1_j0sehfh wrote

West Germany is the same country as Germany, that's why it's not on there


Rare_Oil_8226 t1_j0xzl3h wrote

Because these countries were separated without having a direct successor. The federal republic of Germany is still the federal republic of Germany, it’s just that the eastern part joined us again ~30 years ago.


Slow-Substance-6800 t1_j0sdtgh wrote

Mexico is such a weird case. They participated in several World Cups, to the point where they got super high up in this graph. But they never got anywhere close to the final.


IMovedYourCheese t1_j0tiapk wrote

Not all that weird. They always manage to qualify because no one else in their region (North America) has historically cared about soccer. Once they are in the tournament they cannot match up with South American and European teams.


saihuang t1_j0qkpt9 wrote

GER lost the most finals damn 😂


iamamuttonhead t1_j0shhdt wrote

The Dutch - always making it out of the Group Stage.


Rare_Oil_8226 t1_j0xzw6k wrote

Yes, but they failed to qualify in several runs. The most recent being 2002 and 2018.


mssigdel t1_j0vjr54 wrote

Some interesting data from this graph.

  1. Most group stage elimination - South Korea, Scotland, Mexico (8)
  2. Most R-16 elimination - Mexico (7)
  3. Most QF elimination - Brazil, England (7)
  4. Most SF elimination - Germany (5)
  5. Most Final losses - Germany (4)
  6. Most WC Winner - Brazil (5)
  7. Netherlands never got eliminated in the group stage in 11 appearances.
  8. Argentina never lost a semifinal game in 6 semifinal appearances.

zeefox79 t1_j0sc1ux wrote

New nickname for the Dutch football team: "De blauwballen"


BarryBadpakk t1_j0tt9k7 wrote

So if you’re in the group with the Dutch there is just one slot remaining to advance because they’ll always advance.


schefar t1_j0urndl wrote

Turkey has an interesting record.


monozach t1_j0sqclg wrote

Interesting that the Soviet Union managed to send a team. Someone should really look into this time travel technology they seem to have invented.


[deleted] t1_j0qkg8f wrote



a6c6 t1_j0s2z1a wrote

Collapse of communism moment