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N3TMelc t1_j0r90hs wrote

This is a great layout, although I would have preferred to see the countries' flags instead of the team logo, but that's just personal preference.


Gcarsk t1_j0svwc6 wrote

Yeah I agree with flags instead. Love this chart style, though. It’s always used for NFL playoffs and March madness final 16 bracket, and think it works really well in single elimination tournaments. Easy to follow.

One thing I noticed, I think the country names on the bottom should be flipped so they are not upside down. The logos on the bottom half aren’t flipped upside down to face towards the center, so I don’t see why the names should be either.


N3TMelc t1_j0sx4lm wrote

I would also add that removing the borders or at least reducing their size would look cleaner I think. However I don't want to become a caricature of the sub where even very good maps are nitpicked to oblivion lol


Gcarsk t1_j0sxl9b wrote

I think that looks cool, but, at a glance? It’s a little wild. France and Morocco both have just single colors for their first section, which doesn’t look great, imo. Also the merge from a singular flag to the Finals match having their own flag is a bit odd, imo.


twintig5 OP t1_j0th0fv wrote

I did a version with flags before, and for my liking, logos are much prettier. Being fully aware, that causal fans don't recognize the logos, I added a names on the outside.


wenasi t1_j0to4mw wrote

Using circular flags might look better


leon_gonfishun t1_j0trwom wrote

I agree with the team crests, since it also indicates how many prior world cups each has won (an additional piece of data, with no penalty)


N3TMelc t1_j0sxs1i wrote

Yup, basically that. Although that one has what I wanted, it lacks the satisfying aspect that the one here has.


EphemeralOcean t1_j0t8g8q wrote

Also the flag of Croatia is wrong in that one.


tsigalko11 t1_j0tpi0f wrote

As a Croatian, I really really would like to know where they found that flag.

That's actually a Croatian flag from around 1900, when we were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


MeetRobWayne t1_j0r1wbq wrote

This is such a gorgeous layout. Great alignment of the winners too! Nice work.


BrotherEstapol t1_j0tai90 wrote

Finally, some actual beautiful data! It's been tough times lately!


DataDrivenPirate t1_j0slk45 wrote

Congratulations to Switzerland for losing to the loser who lost to the loser of the loser!


YouKnowWhoIAm2016 t1_j0t3veg wrote

At least Australia lost to the winner! If Argentina wasn’t in it we totally would have won.


elektrocat t1_j0tqpam wrote

And the only other game we lost was to the runner up… so technically we’re the third best team in the world 💪


tiezukae t1_j0tkdeb wrote

Saudi Arabia lights shiisha 😎


Rix27_ t1_j0tu6m9 wrote

Does that make us world champs? ^pls


an4x t1_j0r9swf wrote

Radial brackets are becoming more and more popular and I love it. Just a neat design.

Well done!


stet709 t1_j0s3dsy wrote

Congrats to the Argentines! A cup well deserved. Messi got his first (and last) world cup.


twintig5 OP t1_j0r5kvz wrote

Source: Wiki Tools: Photoshop


xor50 t1_j0sp190 wrote

Source: having been alive during the last few weeks


twintig5 OP t1_j0thlyo wrote

As a European, yes, that is correct.


ImaginaryFloor4775 t1_j0scg2l wrote

Is this the tool you used to create this? I want to do something like this for an org chart. Thanks!


twintig5 OP t1_j0thrfn wrote

Yes, I actually use Photopea , a free online version of a photoshop. Wonderful tool. Also, I'm not very good at PS, just basic stuff. I was looking for a template but couldn't find one, so I did it by myself. Just take the straight line, and arrange it with different angles, that's the basic principle of it.


Strategy_pan t1_j0sium2 wrote

Yeah, you can see the whole Cup was clearly staged right here - they just picked two teams closest to the center at both sides. /s


kwillich t1_j0syc2x wrote

RIGHT!!! it's wild that the teams have an exact outcome match to the ones opposite to them in the circle. Like, COME ONNN, that's not suspicious to anyone 🤣🤣 /s


Mpikoz t1_j0t3q3z wrote

I like that you showed the team logos.


twintig5 OP t1_j0thc4y wrote

Thanks, yeah for me also version with logos is much prettier, flags are a bit boring.


DustinFletcher t1_j0rv122 wrote

Great job!

I wish the final Argentinian logo had a 3rd star on top.


HappyTrainwreck t1_j0stxl4 wrote

they just now got it I believe OP created this or started to before yesterday’s win


twintig5 OP t1_j0thar4 wrote

I started with it when knockout stages was drawn, then updating as the rounds progress. Yesterday I created 2 versions before the finals (because I knew I will be deep into post game stuff after the whistle :) ), and just posted when game ended.

I did added a medals, mostly to identify the 3rd placed team, but adding a star on ARG logo would be messing with their logo, which I wouldn't do. I took the logos as they are, not sure even ARG FA updated it yet. Or maybe they had it ready in advance so they did.


Adi_San t1_j0shdts wrote

As a French, how do I get not to see these things on my feed anymore 😂 Great visual though.


gordo65 t1_j0sy4h2 wrote

Getting to see Mbappe score a hat trick in the World Cup final has got to be some consolation.


abstract_concept t1_j0t04ur wrote

This is a monkey paw wish.

A hat trick! Finger curls a lossss


gordo65 t1_j0v8wmf wrote

“OK, I wish France would score again…

Fuck, OK, last wish is that France scores in extra time…”


SecurityNo1814 t1_j0t4k0h wrote

Do you still count cards? I am just curious how it has been going long term?


kendred3 t1_j0t6sg6 wrote

Actually beautiful data in r/dataisbeautiful? This is wild!

(Nice job OP)


DombekDBR t1_j0ste9o wrote

So now FIFA rating should look like this:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Argentina
  3. France
  4. Croatia

kwillich t1_j0sydzd wrote

Is this in record or "donations"?


DombekDBR t1_j0t9xbs wrote

If I was FIFA I would say in "badassingness" but yeah donations probably


kwillich t1_j0w32lt wrote

I wonder how to say that in French. 🤣


Stats_Sexy t1_j0t3z9v wrote

Finally, some creative data presentation. I’m a fan


Candy_Badger t1_j0tniy6 wrote

It looks great! I love this layout! Thanks for sharing!


Thisjayguy t1_j0schkj wrote

Great use of the radial bracket.. wondering how I can incorporate this into my stuff


MyHandIsNumb t1_j0sys6r wrote

You left out Ecuador and have offended a nation


KramMark93 t1_j0tx4g8 wrote

Used Australia’s actual crest 😍


henriquebrisola t1_j0sjnkh wrote

feedback, for the name of the countries on the lower half of the circle, please get them upright


titiolele t1_j0u14ij wrote

Proud of Marroco, tks team, you’re a great team together!


Aveladenn t1_j0u4n1f wrote

But why did the chicken crossed the road?


toxic_rf t1_j0uajx5 wrote

Love the fact you made it symmetrical


antidote_7 t1_j0uea0z wrote

Alan Partridge did it first!


Rare_Oil_8226 t1_j0xymo7 wrote

This is kinda hard to read, because nobody knows these logos


twintig5 OP t1_j0ya10n wrote

There are names on the outside of the circle


TypographySnob t1_j0rdpwn wrote

Looks cool, but not the clearest way to present the data.

Not sure why I'm being downvoted and attacked for making a harmless observation.


ZoladoneFarmer t1_j0rzfc6 wrote

It’s meant to be an enjoyable visual representation. And it is easy to read if not the most efficient way to present. I like it. This is dataisbeautiful after all. Not datisefficient.


TypographySnob t1_j0s5tx9 wrote

I like it too but it could be improved.


OtterProper t1_j0s64ww wrote

So, do it.


TypographySnob t1_j0s6lbw wrote

It's not my design...


OtterProper t1_j0su4gi wrote

How cute.


TypographySnob t1_j0t173m wrote

What's with the agressiveness?


OtterProper t1_j0t3z7e wrote

You claim "it could be improved", but give no clue as to how and are also unwilling to show the quality of your obtuse opinion in an updated version shared with the thread here?



TypographySnob t1_j0t4dx7 wrote

Well sorry for assuming others would also be able to spot how it could be improved without me explaining it. Don't have to be a dick about it.

It could be improved moving each pair closer together so it's easier to identify that they're grouped at a glance. I see no reason to go in to Illustrator and spend 10 minutes remaking the design for you from scratch to demonstrate what it would look like because you can probably visualize it yourself.


OtterProper t1_j0t9o09 wrote

Don't project your low-effort shame on me, sweetie. You're the one who made the initial pompous, unhelpful reply and then tried to deny responsibility for that flightless opinion. Put up or shut up. The onus is not on the audience here. If anyone's being "a dick", it's you, with your flaccid attempt at criticism like a park flasher with an innie.

edit: Uh hunh. Typical, child. Bark and run & hide.

"My criticism was on point and for some reason you got mad on behalf of OP and became defensive over absolutely nothing. I see you have nothing to say about my idea now that I've explained what could be improved. Try not taking everything as an attack and maybe take some time off the internet, as it seems even completely innocent comments come off as trolls to you, mr. crypto bro."

(nice alt u/_snowdrop_ )


TypographySnob t1_j0tixvv wrote

My criticism was on point and for some reason you got mad on behalf of OP and became defensive over absolutely nothing. I see you have nothing to say about my idea now that I've explained what could be improved. Try not taking everything as an attack and maybe take some time off the internet, as it seems even completely innocent comments come off as trolls to you, mr. crypto bro.


KBHoleN1 t1_j0sabr9 wrote

How could you improve it?


TypographySnob t1_j0t1ix0 wrote

I would move each pair closer together so it's easier to identify that they're grouped.