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KeepTangoAndFoxtrot t1_j0u1g6o wrote

... I'll be perfectly honest, I don't see how that answers the question, and for whatever reason your use of tongues and thighs in the description makes me a bit uncomfortable. I still don't understand the difference between "texture," aka "the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or substance," and "mouthfeel," aka "the physical sensations in the mouth produced by a particular food."

I even googled it and most explanations appear to boil down to "texture is a part of mouthfeel, but mouthfeel is different," and then say nothing else about it. These articles describe "mouthfeel" using words that are just different textures or tastes, like "oily" or "acidic." The Wikipedia entry for "mouthfeel" even described "texture" as being a synonym to "mouthfeel."

As a result of these last 5 or so minutes of research, I will be taking it upon myself to passively crusade against the use of "mouthfeel," as it makes me inexplicably uncomfortable. Some people hate the word "moist," and I now hate the word "mouthfeel." Any time "mouthfeel" comes up from hence forth, I will be interjecting a quick "gross" into the conversation. Thus is my burden and my cross to bear.

Edit: I hope it's clear that my comment is quite sarcastic, especially towards the end. I'm still not super clear what it means, but ultimately it seems to boil down to some combination of taste, weight, and texture.


tinuuuu t1_j0u3e3i wrote

I will be perfectly honest as well. I have no idea what mouthfeel is. I just know that Charles Boyle is the supreme authority on pizza judging and those are the categories that he chose.



KeepTangoAndFoxtrot t1_j0u4dl6 wrote

Fair enough! I feel better now about my discomfort knowing that it was Charles who did it.


Algaean t1_j0uq7tz wrote

Darn, i was about to sign up to your anti mouth feel crusade!


KeepTangoAndFoxtrot t1_j0ut0ak wrote

I will still be saying "gross" whenever someone brings up "mouthfeel." Join the passive crusade!