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RoutineSuggestion798 t1_j2c6lm7 wrote

Latex gloves aren't plastic. Also there must be food and paper waste. And that's a staggering amount of unidentified metal. Sorry pal, this is bad.


Hi_its_GOD OP t1_j2c7zo9 wrote

You're right latex gloves are not plastic, the metal comes from aerosol (like whipped cream) and 10# cans which weigh a little over a half pound each. In a busy restaurant they add up.

Yea there is obviously food and paper waste but I was more interested in graphing wasteful packaging.


Just_wanna_talk t1_j2czdup wrote

I mean, it's titled "weekly plastic and metallic waste" not "weekly waste" not sure why the paper and food needs to be mentioned since it's not the subject.