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ChangsWife t1_j0vvhxx wrote

I've never seen a chart l like this! What do the bar lengths and color intensities/opacities(?) indicate?


ns0 OP t1_j0vvl8t wrote

The amount the ingredient deviates from above or below the average.


ChangsWife t1_j0vvsta wrote

The average of that recipe across sources?


ns0 OP t1_j0vw67e wrote

The columns are the recipes and the rows are all of the ingredients across every recipe; then the dots represent whether the recipe contains the ingredient and the intensity and direction indicates if it uses more or less than the average amount of that ingredient.


ChangsWife t1_j0vwebr wrote

Got it! What is the name of this tool/table?


ns0 OP t1_j0vwx9j wrote

Uhm, good question, I just coded it up for my website with html, css and javascript; i'm not sure what the name of it might be.


ChangsWife t1_j0vw0xp wrote

As in Food Network uses ingredient X in their version of grilled cheese Y but [Other recipe source] doesnt use it all