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Training-Purpose802 t1_j0w32y4 wrote

This seems to be approaching just grilled sandwiches or paninis rather than just grilled cheese. Bread. cheese, maybe aromatics and/or spices. More than that I wouldn't call it a "grilled cheese".


ns0 OP t1_j0w3p2d wrote

There's a whole breakdown on what should and shouldn't be a grilled cheese. It came down to this;

  1. The main item in the sandwich isn't the cheese, then it's no longer a grilled cheese.
  2. The sandwich is just an excuse for too much cheese, then it's a grilled cheese.
  3. The grilled cheese has enough ingredients to warrant a lengthy recipe, then it's not a grilled cheese.

Training-Purpose802 t1_j0ztdem wrote

If you are putting apples, dates, mushrooms, etc. In my book not a grilled cheese.