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Mark_Kutte t1_j139cvp wrote

Doesn't McDonnalds mostly franchise out? Are employees of franchices counted in this? It must be because by glancing the wikisource you gave.... But it has no reference and the McDonnalds page itself lists "200,000" employees.

Out of the 15 companies you sourced from Wikipedia, only 7 have actual references backing up the data. Unreferenced wikipedia information isn't the same as sourced information.

Edit: Diving a little deeper cuz i'm procrestinating. This list can probably be confirmed by 2 hours of a deeper dive into the (english version) pages of all the government employers you listed. Combined by the 2020 Statista research into private companies and the confirmed data about militaries.

#Dataisbeautifulwhenitssourced #Dataisdangerouswhenitsnot


hotfezz81 t1_j13ntcr wrote

As a UK person: are you telling me that 1 in 30 people are in the NH... oh. Yeah OK actually probably. Might even be higher.


outm t1_j15jqld wrote

I don’t get it, could you explain why is good/bad?


Silverthing t1_j15uces wrote

I don't think he's saying either, it's just a very high percent of people employed by one organisation, similarly it surprised me as well but then I think how many people I know that work there, I pretty much had the same reaction.


hotfezz81 t1_j15xx7w wrote

Neither. There are ~60 million people in the UK, I'm surprised that almost 2 million work in the NHS, at least until I think about it. One of my friends is a paramedic, another a care hoke worker. Makes sense.


Staxitall t1_j13et6b wrote

Now ain’t that interesting 🧐


TotallynottheCCP t1_j13q2eq wrote

Damn, I would've sworn Walmart had more employees than Amazon.


njayolson t1_j17kdbs wrote

Same. Maybe globally Amazon has more employees? And in the USA Walmart has more than Amazon?


PatternMachine t1_j17n0j4 wrote

Yeah Amazon doesn’t have 2.2m employees. It’s closer to 1.5m.


jnemesh t1_j14lzjr wrote

Ministry of Defense of Russia needs to be adjusted 100,000 down. Only 1.8M now...and falling.


perfectlysus1 t1_j15y5jv wrote

bro they lost 500000000000k men and 5000 bazzillion of guns trust me bro


berrybearry t1_j1hxgjb wrote

Here's a trick - Russian Army has 1.9M of "employees". And employee is a person who gets paid. So 1.9 = office staff + more or less professional soldiers who signed the contract + officers and so on. And besides of that there's a regular army staff - these who are not getting any money, but they just HAVE to spend a year there. For free. It's not a job, or privilege, it's a duty to waste there a year of their lives.

So basically the numbers are bigger, even if we take into account these 100k left somewhere in Ukraine.


jnemesh t1_j1qbo1m wrote

  1. a lot of the army isn't getting paid, and they aren't happy about it
  2. it really doesn't matter how many men you throw into combat if you don't have weapons or even warm clothes for them...or food.
  3. the death toll is horrific, and the Russians know it.

I don't expect this to end well for the Russians.


gluonbag t1_j14zbf7 wrote

Edit: retraction, I was confidently incorrect as pointed out below


KeyboardChap t1_j15t96t wrote

From that page:

>Geographic Coverage: >England

The NHS also covers Wales and Scotland, which will account for the other .4m


gluonbag t1_j16b568 wrote

Ah fair. But it also covers Northern Ireland, which has been forgotten about, as usual.


i-guessthisismenow t1_j152h9k wrote

Could it include people who are contracted to work for NHS but don't actually work for the NHS, like dentists? It's still wrong if that's the case, but might explain the difference.


gluonbag t1_j152q6e wrote

Possibly, I guess? It's not sourced so we're only guessing.

Also they contract out a lot of stuff like cleaning and cooking. Source: ex NHS (business services) employee here


giteam OP t1_j138q12 wrote



Tools: Tableau, Figma


PM-ME-SOMETHING-GOOD t1_j160wpp wrote

That's a really crappy source. Many people in the comments have pointed out various inaccuracies with your data. If you take the time to make the chart, please take time to verify the data is correct.


eva01beast t1_j14a85u wrote

What's even more interesting is that the majority of these jobs are either government jobs or jobs in state-owned corporations.


Scared-Conflict-653 t1_j14e4i5 wrote

I was going to point out why the US non military personnel seems low, China's has a lot of non military personnel but I'm stuck on Walmart being on the list.


Arkainso t1_j14yvsg wrote

So I checked the NHS statistic, and according to the NHS November report they employ almost 1.4 million people. Initially I thought this was really high, but the number for France is a little over 1.3 million so I guess it is fair. I'm just surprised by how high it is (about 1 in 50 people work for the NHS).


Sirvink t1_j14j02e wrote

McD should top Russia soon, the way the war is going.


killroy1971 t1_j16gpa6 wrote

Six of those employers are Chinese, and most of those are part of China's government in some way.


konjecture t1_j1e6zum wrote

I only see 5 Chinese companies in that picture.


kissmyabbis422 t1_j17j3or wrote

Bold to say the Korean People’s Army “employs” people. As if they’re getting paid.


khwaled t1_j17od5k wrote

2.9M that's almost 1% of the population, talk about a warmongering nation


UsrHpns4rctct t1_j13u71m wrote

Is Minisry of public security (China) pretty much like old DDR Stasi?