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hotfezz81 t1_j13ntcr wrote

As a UK person: are you telling me that 1 in 30 people are in the NH... oh. Yeah OK actually probably. Might even be higher.


outm t1_j15jqld wrote

I don’t get it, could you explain why is good/bad?


Silverthing t1_j15uces wrote

I don't think he's saying either, it's just a very high percent of people employed by one organisation, similarly it surprised me as well but then I think how many people I know that work there, I pretty much had the same reaction.


hotfezz81 t1_j15xx7w wrote

Neither. There are ~60 million people in the UK, I'm surprised that almost 2 million work in the NHS, at least until I think about it. One of my friends is a paramedic, another a care hoke worker. Makes sense.