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OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j164b3w wrote

Yes. This is true. Some words originated in another language, were then incorporated into Spanish, and then incorporated into English from Spanish.


Mick_86 t1_j16mfby wrote

Then they are not of Spanish origin.


OfficialWireGrind OP t1_j177wav wrote

Some people think eggs come from chickens. Others buy then from a grocery store.


RoastedRhino t1_j17rffd wrote

I doubt that the English language took platinum from Spanish, when it’s extremely common to take element names from Latin.


U5urPator t1_j18qhtn wrote

In this case it actually derives from Spanish. The Spanish first found the metal and called it "platina" in the 18th century. In the early 19th century they gave the metal its now latin sounding name.

You could also go back further in history and say that platina is a deriviation of the french word "plate".