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souji5okita t1_j17qfgt wrote

Any typhoon is Japanese. Is there an English origin word for hurricane/typhoon? Tropical storm?


iantsai1974 t1_j17rei3 wrote

The word 'typhoon' in Japanese came from Chinese.

But even Chinese may be not the origin of this word.

Chinese scholars found the origin of this word blurry, maybe related to Arabian or Hindustani, first used by the Arabian or Indian merchants who travelled from south and south-western Asia crossing the violent South China Sea.


Jabba_Yaga t1_j181ekr wrote

Typhoon was an originally greek word from what i remember


iantsai1974 t1_j1b9bbi wrote

Since there is no typhoon in the Mediterranean and aegean sea, I think this word would not have a greek origin.

This may also be a proof that this word is originated from south or southwest Asia, where there had frequent trades and communications with greece for milleniums.